CyKyling mixes

Kyle is known for his eclectic and energizing playlists, so we asked him a few questions about what makes the perfect playlist. Read on, then check out his CyKyling mixes on our Spotify account:! Kyle teaches on Thursday nights at 6:30 and on Sunday mornings at 10. IMG_2082

1. What factors do you consider when putting together a playlist?

It definitely depends on my mood when making the playlist. But, in general, I want my playlist to maintain a certain energy level that the rider can kind of get lost in and then to have as many moments as possible that pull you out of that trance to where you want to just go all out! I'd say it's similar to what would make me have a great time dancing.

2. What are some of your favorite kinds of music?

Oh man, I love alllll music, except maybe death metal. If I had to, I'd probably say Motown, Country/Western, Rap, and EDM would be top 4 in some order. But that leaves out soo many great genres and many of my favorite artists! I could go on and on with this question.

3. Is there any music you would never consider putting on a playlist?

Not a huge fan of playing pop music in class, but like I said earlier, I try to maintain a high level of energy in my music. If a song has a solid beat and a little bit of funk, it's always a consideration. An exception that comes to mind is Weird Al. I wouldn't like the tone that would set.

4. How do you stay up to date on the latest tunes and remixes?

I do follow a few blogs and labels, but I also grab from friends often and I'm always liable to be found awkwardly in the corner trying to Shazam some song anywhere music is playing. I guess I'd say the secret is to be active in your pursuit of new music.