Catching Up with Rachel Aranson

It's been three months since Rachel Aranson hit the Rêve schedule with her unique style of Tone & Trim. Her classes will challenge you and leave you feeling somehow both exhausted and energized. This week, we are offering two chances to check out Rachel's classes for FREE, Thursday at 6:00 am and 5:30 pm! We chatted with her to discuss some of the lessons that she has learned in the first few months of being an instructor, what are some of her very favorite things to do outside of the studio, and which songs rank among her all time favorites. 

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You have been an instructor at Rêve for a little bit now; what are some of the major lessons that you have learned?

Man, this is a tough one because I have learned so much more than I could have imagined! Over the last few months, I have really focused on developing my own unique style while trying to stay inside the lines of the Tone & Trim structure. I know what I like from a workout, but I seek to meet the wants and needs of everyone in my classes. In order to do this, I have relied immensely on the feedback from Rêvers. As I test out a new segment or exercise, I always love to hear people’s reactions. Also, I’m on the constant hunt for new music that has a strong beat for everyone to hear and follow.

What are some of your favorite moves these days and why?

Recently I have started to incorporate weights into some of the leg series. For example, we have been doing plie/sumo squats with weights and lunges with bicep curls. Although Tone & Trim is all about focusing on specific muscle groups, one at a time, I find that it is also important to add in extra weight where possible. I want to make sure that everyone is always feeling challenged and that they know they have options, to meet their individual strengths and needs. I never want students to feel complacent. 

When you're not at the studio, what are some of your favorite fall things to do in and around Maine.

This is a great question for someone who got to grow up here, moved away for many years, and now sees Maine through the eyes of an adult rather than a child. My family has a lake house in Raymond and I try and spend as much time up there as possible. When there you can find me kayaking, fishing, swimming, paddle boarding, and enjoying a nice campfire from time to time. I have been climbing Rattlesnake Mountain every year since I can remember. And this year I took on Katahdin, which was so much fun and much more challenging than expected. I just got a new golden retriever puppy, Sonoma, who needs a lot of outside fun so I have been exploring many of the greater Portland parks and trails. As the weather gets chilly, I'll be making my way inside and most likely trying all of the fabulous restaurants in the Old Port.

Do you have a go to fall recipe (either a quick healthy meal or a smoothie)? Otherwise something that you always have on hand to fuel with before or after class?

I am so excited for fall, especially because of the food choices. I cannot get enough of squash, specifically butternut squash. One of my favorite recipes is butternut squash soup. It's hard work, but hearty and one batch will last you a week. After T&T, I always eat a gomacro Macrobar, balanced goodness granola and coconut.  I buy them in bulk and have yet to get sick of them!

What are some of your favorite songs these days that you have in heavy rotation?

I’m always on the hunt for songs with a powerful, motivating message and the perfect downbeat. This playlist includes some of my all time favorites! 



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