Rêve to the Top!

It’s no secret that the Rêve community inspires us in countless ways. One of our favorite things is hearing feedback about how our members feel that the time that they spend at Rêve helps them to prepare for and complete new challenges. A few weeks ago, three riders, Margaret Groban, Gay Sampson, and Sarah Clark, summited Mount Katahdin. These friends, who have been exercising together for years, started coming to the studio in 2014 and have become cornerstones of the Rêve community. We chatted with Margaret and Gay about how they chose the challenging hike and how Rêve helped them to prepare for the big day.



What made you decide to tackle Mount Katahdin?
Margaret Groban: It was a bucket list item!
Gay Sampson: My husband put the trip together because we hadn't been there for several years, plus there were 3 couples who hadn't been there and he wanted to make it happen.
How did you train for the hike?
MG: Coming to Rêve was a critical part of my training. I really don't think I could have gone up and down Katahdin without the leg strength I've worked on and developed at Rêve.
GS: I went on a few hikes to prepare. Rêve also played a huge factor; it has made me a much stronger person!
What was the highlight of the adventure?
MG: Actually summiting Katahdin and having fun with a wonderful group of friends.
GS: For me and Sarah, we climbed up the Cathedral Trail (the notoriously difficult “direct” route to the top).
What is your favorite thing about Rêve?
MG: I love the community feeling and the amazing workout.
GS: The sweat, the music, the exercise, and the feeling when you leave. It’s a really good workout!

If someone was thinking about coming to Rêve for the first time, what would you tell them to encourage them to check it out?
MG: Rêve is a welcoming experience for people of all ages and an amazing way to stay in shape. The instructors are terrific.
GS: If you are looking for an excellent workout, like biking, and music come check it out!

We want to hear from you! How has Rêve helped you conquer your goals. We'd love to hear your stories!

Bernadette Doykos