A Beginners Guide to Rêve!

Remember the first time you came to a spin class at Rêve? We probably all have had a friend who we’ve asked to join us for a class, but who told us that they were too nervous, too “unathletic,” or too ____ (insert your favorite reason here). For those of us who make Rêve a habit, we know that the classes are tailored to meet the needs of every single rider, regardless of their fitness baseline. Reality is, when each of us is on that bike, we are in charge of the workout that occurs during the 50 minutes. But, we get it, stepping into a dark room full of bikes and driving beats can be a little bit intimidating. We’re here to help!

A few weeks ago we reached out to the Rêve community to solicit advice to give to new Rêvers and, as always, boy, did you all deliver. In this post, we’ve compiled that advice. Read on and pass along to all of those friends who you’ve been trying to get to come to the studio for ages. We think that this may serve as a remedy to their excuses!


First things first, the logistics:

  • “Show up about 15 minutes early!” This will give you time to get settled in and familiarize yourself with the space.

  • Which leads right into the next piece of advice, “Do not set up your bike yourself!” The settings can be a little tricky to identify on your own and you want to be sure that they are aligned well to avoid any potential injury. Someone from the Rêve Team will be happy to help you out!

  • The music can get a little loud for some. We offer free earplugs, which you can grab before heading into the room.

  • Bring water—or a water bottle to fill up at our cooler. We recommend consuming about 12-24 oz during and after class to make sure that you remain hydrated.

  • Make a friend! It’s always easier that way! We may be biased, but our community is the best; they are kind and inviting. Introduce yourself to someone and they’ll undoubtedly give you some advice and welcome you to our favorite place!

Now that we’ve got the basics covered, onto the good stuff. Collectively, Rêvers offered such encouraging words to new riders:

First of all, every single person in the room also had a first ride. It may have been yesterday or five years ago, but that first ride stands out in each person’s memory. Reflecting on her first ride, one riders said, “Don’t be intimidated! Classes suit every fitness ability…and warning, they are addictive.” Rêve offers each of our riders a chance to create a workout that meets their needs. All you have to do is let go and have fun!” Another rider captured this well, saying, “we all understand the nerves, but once you’re on the bike and music’s on, they’ll fade away.” Nerves are natural, fight through them and, we promise, you’ll have a great time.

Part of the misconception about an indoor cycling class is that it is a competition with the other riders in the room. At Rêve, the reality is that each rider is in charge of their own bike, and given the quality of the workout, we are each focused on ourselves during the duration of the ride. Now, don’t get us wrong, you can feel the vibe of 39 other riders and their energy will keep you motivated throughout the class, but overall its what one rider called “a judgement free zone!” Our instructors will guide you through the 50 minute class, coaching you up hills and through sprints, but ultimately, you’re the boss. One rider captured this, saying: “Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to keep up. More so, focus on opening yourself up to the experience itself and enjoying the time in the space.” There will be times that you push yourself to limits, but if you feel yourself in a new space, don’t panic. Breathe through the struggle, take breaks and water when you need them, and get back to it!

More than anything, a class at Rêve is a chance to carve out time and space for you. For those of us who routinely come to a studio, we often cite the way that it allows us to disconnect from everything going on beyond those four walls. “Just close your eyes and enjoy the moment, the music, and yourself. Don’t push yourself too hard to the limit, trying to keep up with the person next to you!”

Once you complete the first class, we hope you find yourself ready for your second (and your third and fourth…) Perhaps the most resounding piece of advice that we heard from our community was: “Give it time. You will get stronger the more you go.” Rêve offers the opportunity to grow and to change, to introduce a shift in your day, whether you’re in the 6:00 am class or the 7:30 pm. As Savannah always reminds us, “it’s never too late to turn your day around.”

Any other questions? Let us know! We are happy to answer anything—or assuage any concerns. Also, check out the FAQ Section of our website for some additional basic information. We’ll see you on the bike! #rêveitup

Bernadette Doykos