Summer Heat Challenge Roll Call

Last month, we put out a challenge to the Rêve Community: Could you complete 20 classes throughout the course of July? We knew you would show up (and show up and show up again), but it was incredible to watch as over 50 people signed up. Each day the studio was filled with a little extra fire. Yesterday marked the end of the challenge and 39 Rêvers will receive their hard earned custom Rêve t-shirts. We want to give an special shout out to to Andrea Pizzo who completed an astounding FORTY ONE classes! 

To see if you crossed the 20 class mark, please check the list below. Starting today, the tank tops are available for pick up at the studio. #rêveitup

Photo by Meredith Perdue

Photo by Meredith Perdue

  • Allie Olivier

  • Allison Forrest

  • Amy Beauvais

  • Andrea Pizzo

  • Andy Jenkins

  • Angela Stringen

  • Anna Baker

  • Brittany Johnson

  • Cara Michaud

  • Dawn Gay

  • Elizabeth Conti

  • Jackie McWilliams

  • Jean Bourget

  • Jenn Allen

  • Jenna Quimby

  • Jennifer Jackson

  • Jordan Keeler

  • Julia Macauley

  • Kathleen Duddy

  • Katie Pottle

  • Kelly Hoffman

  • Lilly Kuhn

  • Liza Decesare

  • Mallory Coleman

  • Marcia Brogan

  • Margaret Mackinson

  • Mark Vo

  • Mary Ann McGinn

  • Mary Polewaczyk

  • Mary Rigney

  • Meg Sweet

  • Megan Tazzi

  • Nicole Tucci

  • Phoebe Ijams

  • Rachel Gips

  • Rachel Wertheimer

  • Sheri Ervin

  • Taylor Bickford

  • Timissa Wright


Bernadette Doykos