Rêve Rider Spotlight: Betsy & Paige St. Germain!

This month, our Rêve Rider Spotlight is a family affair! If you are at the studio on any given day, chances are that you have had the distinct joy of chatting with Paige and Betsy St. Germain. They are two kind and fierce women, who are also one of the most adorable mother/daughter duos we can possibly even imagine. Their love for their family, for Rêve, and for taking sweet pleasure in the simple things is infectious. They spoke with us about how Paige convinced Betsy to give Rêve a try, what has kept them coming back as such devoted riders over the last few years, and where we might find them outside of the studio (hint: it seems that The Honey Paw may be the fastest way to their collective hearts). Also, they remind us of some of their favorite Rêve-isms that keep them going, both inside and outside of the studio!



Tell us a bit about yourselves!

Paige: I’m a Mainer through and through. But I’ve spent a lot of time away, too! I went to Elon University, where I majored in elementary education. I have always loved travel, and spent extended stints outside Baja, Mexico and Northern Tanzania. However, the path brought me back to Maine where I took some classes to prepare for graduate school and nannied in Falmouth with the most wonderful family. I spent the last 2 years earning my masters at Northeastern. This school year, I will be a speech language pathologist for a private practice and school system in the Boston area. While I live in Boston, Portland is home. Always finding my way back! 

Betsy: I was born and raised in MA but couldn’t get to ME fast enough, and never looked back. I am a Cowgirl at heart, a Rebel without a cause, but pretty mainstream otherwise! I have been an oncology nurse since 1978, from Dartmouth to Maine Medical, and it has been an honor and privilege to work with so many patients and families throughout my career. I have been married for 28 years, and we have 2 wonderful kids—Paige and Sam (who lives in California)—and a beloved lab, Maisy.


P: While we are a mother-daughter combo, we are also such good friends.

B: OMG, when we laugh, it’s infectious! We just can’t stop… and the tears!!

What inspired you to start coming to Rêve? Perhaps more importantly, what made you keep coming back?

P: Fall of 2015 was the start of my lifelong love for Rêve. Being a swimmer my whole life, I was looking for something new and challenging after for my lungs after I graduated! Initially I kept coming back to experience the way my lungs were challenged, and, quite honestly, the genuine energy that fills the 4 walls. What keeps me coming back? Savannah’s words that somehow speak straight to my heart and her hills that remind me just how alive I am, Steph’s infinite good vibes and genuine care, and the family I’ve found here. Ultimately, it makes my soul shine. My heart, soul, and mind are rejuvenated and loved every.single.time.

B: Over 10 years ago, I had two knee replacements (crazy college stunts, don’t ask). I had tried gyms, trainers, swimming. I came to Rêve in attempt to find something that would give me a great workout but wouldn’t overtax my knees. I joined Paige for a ride in 2015—and was nervous that I couldn’t keep up with the high intensity level of spinning. At first, I was a bit intimidated by the dark room and the modern music. While it took a bit longer for me to become a regular rider, it turned out to be the BEST exercise for my knees! Since I started spinning I have had no swelling and I’m able to walk miles at a time!

Also, it was Paige’s love for Rêve--watching her get in to her Rêve routine and returning from class SO happy--that truly motivated me to come back. I felt totally embraced and welcomed by the Rêve community and I always, always look forward to each and every class. Sometimes going up the stairs to class I don’t feel the energy, but walking through the door, I immediately feel the Rêve vibe, and it gets me psyched! Getting to know fellow Rêvers has been amazing, new friends! I enjoy the opportunity to meet and ride with new instructors, and I love Sunday mornings and Monday afternoon rides with Savannah and Wednesdays with Alexis, Friday mornings with Amber and Saturdays with Emily! Rêve instructors exude positivity; they work extra hard to prepare class and are my role-models while up on the podium (how do they ride and talk at the same time?). They help you break any mental barriers and then you realize you can do this! Their music is inspiring!

How did Rêve become something that you two did together?

P:  It took a while to fully convince my mom that she CAN ride with Rêve. After a year or so, she decided to join me in the saddle again and she hasn’t looked back. I love that all age groups can find a home here.

I’m so fortunate my mom and I have found a place to challenge ourselves physically, mentally, and emotionally together. We always look forward to our time in that dark room and continue to talk about the class or songs hours and days after we did it. Looking over during a drum solo to find my mom air drumming brings a smile to my face! Or during a sprint when her whole body is in it-- semi afraid she will someday hit her head. She cracks me up. We love telling my dad and brother about her moves at Rêve— they don’t seem to understand it. Guess they’ll have to come in and see it for themselves!

B: Rêve became our routine: a great way to kick-start the day or to segway into the evening after work. Paige would ride on bike 7 so I, naturally, reserved bike 8. I would sneak peeks at her during our class and watch how she challenged herself with hills and runs. Always wanting to keep up, I would work myself harder to keep up with her cadence. She is a great motivator!

I am really going to miss having Paige at Rêve with me as she starts her new career! And of course, her amazing melt-in-your-mouth chocolate chip cookies! Dang!

What are your favorite things to do outside of the studio?

P: Soaking up time by the ocean no matter the weather, volunteering and supporting the Tanzanian Children’s Fund, skiing, going on long ocean swims, gathering goodies at the farmer’s market, spending time with Maisy (our yellow lab), discovering new places in Boston, walks along the Charles River, snowshoeing up Sugarloaf, discovering new flavors of ice cream at The Honey Paw, spending time with the family I used to nanny for (they give me so much joy!), and time on the Cape. I would love to learn how to shuck an oyster this year…anyone willing to teach me?!

B: You can find me at Honey Paw on any given night! Of course, bebo ™ hats are being knitted furiously now that the cooler weather is on the way…watch for these knitted fur pom-pom wool beauties with the bebo ™ label soon! We own an old, small cottage in the National Seashore on Cape Cod, where Phil and I get to enjoy the off-season too! I start bowling Monday nights with fellow nurses, thinking guitar lessons on Wednesday evenings, and monthly board meetings for local oncology nurses.

Together: Rêve (of course), beach days, enjoying a cup of coffee, we both love stationery and are always on the lookout for cards to add to our collection (nothing better than snail mail), and enjoying the little things in life!

If you were to make a Rêve playlist, what songs would you include (can be between 5 and infinity songs?)

Paige: Our favorite is Beyoncé's Daddy Lessons— we are frequently heard saying, “Good job, B (or P)!” to each other outside of the studio… just like at the end of the song!

Betsy: Personally, if you play any song from the 60s or 70s, you got me hooked!

They prepared a special playlist of some of their favorites for us! 

Anything else you want to include about Rêve or your time at the studio? You've got free reign!

We find Rêve to be our home away from home. Our people. Our tribe. Grateful is an understatement! We wish everyone could experience the type of love we feel while we are on the bike. As we’ve all heard time and time again, it is not how you look on that bike; it is how you feel on that bike. And Rêve, you make us feel the most alive!

One more thing! We love Rêve-isms!

Rêve instructors are the most encouraging, optimistic, and humble people! We have adopted some “Rêve-isms” into our lives. Here is a list of our favorites:

1. You are limitless

2. What have you done today to make yourself proud?

3. Wherever you go, go wholeheartedly

4. It’s a good day to have a good day

5. We don’t do it because it’s easy

6. We’ve got you. I’ve got you. Most importantly, you’ve got you.

7. Dig in. This matters.

8. When you are given a runway, use it

9. FoRêver on your side

10. You’re given an opportunity to choose

11. If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough

12. You are a light

13. You. This is all you.

14. Can’t start a fire without a spark

15. You can do whatever you set your mind to. What a way to start your day.    



Bernadette Doykos