Rêve Rider Spotlight: Emily Hricko

The Rêve community is filled with individuals who collectively make the spaces around us throughout Portland—and beyond—vibrate with the very best energy. Today, we are so excited to cast the Rêve Rider Spotlight on local events planner extraordinaire, Emily Hricko. Emily talks to us about how she first came to Rêve (hint, it involves some inspiration from a few of Portland’s incredible lady bosses), where she can be found outside of the studio, and which neighborhood haunts are among her favorites. Check it out!

Photo Credit:   Jamie Mercurio.

Photo Credit: Jamie Mercurio.

Tell us a little bit about yourself! (Usually I use this information in the intro paragraph. I'd love to integrate some info about your business as well!)

I live in Portland with my husband, James, and cat, Slinky, in the Deering Highlands neighborhood. I'm originally from Minot but went to Portland High for the dance program with Portland Ballet. From there, I went to Bowdoin, which is where James and I met. When we graduated, we moved to Portland and never left. I'm an event planner and designer - I work part-time for Bowdoin College, planning events for the President, and also have my own business, Emily Elizabeth Events, planning and designing weddings. As an events planner, I function in equal parts as a project manager and creative director for some of the most important days in people’s lives. I work with about 8 couples a year and feel pretty lucky to pair up with amazing people both on the client and vendor/creative side. I love what I do.

What inspired you to start coming to Rêve and when did you start? Perhaps more importantly, what made you keep coming back?

A wedding photographer friend, Courtney of Courtney Elizabeth Media, invited me to take a class with her this past fall. One of the perks of entrepreneurship is that you make your own hours, but as any small-business owner knows, if you're not careful, that often means you work all of the hours. Making time to meet up with other solopreneurs has been a great way to stay connected to the community, otherwise, working for yourself can be be isolating. Even for introverts like me who love working independently! 

Another Rêve rider—and entrepreneur—Sarah of Watershed Floral, gave me a tip a few years ago that you should add exercise as an appointment on your calendar and work around it like you would any of your other meetings and commitments. I've learned that you can't give your clients your best unless you take good care of yourself. I've become a big proponent of self-care in the past couple of years; I'm loving the mental health benefits of working out, in addition to the physical benefits. Rêve is now part of my regular routine, same as brushing my teeth.

Not only are you a Rêve regular, but you also live close by the studio. What are some of your favorite neighborhood gems?

It's important to me to be able to walk places - if I didn't live so close to Rêve, there's no way I'd be able to keep up my workouts five mornings a week. Woodford Food and Beverage and Rose Foods are two of my favorites. I also love Big Sky and Artist and Craftsman. I have no doubt that Blake Orchard will soon become a favorite, too. Spin with a friend followed by a smoothie = the perfect combo.

If you were to make a Rêve playlist, what songs would you include.

"Shotgun" by George Ezra is a recent favorite - it cracks me up, it's so happy. I love anyone and anything that makes me laugh. A good sense of humor is one of the secrets to creating—and maintaining—a good life.

How would you describe the feeling of Rêve to someone who has never been to the studio before?

For me, it is all about the atmosphere—and that special something that sprinkles into my daily routine. I love the positivity. Since I don't have any coworkers or bosses to motivate me in my own work, it's nice to have a place and space that builds me up for my day. Outside of spinning, my favorite class is Tone & Trim. Plus, I love that Reve is female owned - yeah, Stephanie! The space has a really great energy and vibe.

To learn more about Emily’s event planning business, please visit her website and follow her on Instagram!

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