Rêve'ing HIIT Up with Abbey

Abbey Hybl has been serving up some killer spin classes for quite some time now, but recently, she has been adding more HIIT classes to the Rêve schedule. It’s no secret that Abbey is a super strong athlete, and her classes provide a full-body challenge set to super fun playlists; the perfect compliment to spin. We caught up with Abbey to find out what we might expect from these classes, how she sees HIIT as part of a more holistic training regimen, and, most importantly, about her incredible third place finish at the recent Tri for a Cure!

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Talk to us about HIIT? What does it mean to you?

For me, HIIT is about two things: testing your body in new, creative ways and really testing your mind. Like spin, HIIT always for each individual to test their limits, working through their own weaknesses and discovering their strengths. My hope is that I can create a class that offers people a new space outside of spin that pushes them out of their comfort zone. Aside from the physical workout, HIIT can be tough because the music isn't there to guide you as much as it is in our "dark room." I want to encourage people to try exercises that maybe they haven't done before, to try things that make them uncomfortable. I think HIIT is a great compliment to spin in that we're working SO many different muscles and gaining strength in different areas that we might not get through being on the bike.

How do you use HIIT workouts in your overall workout and training regimen?

Personally, I take a pretty holistic approach to fitness and training. My motto is that I want to be a "life athlete"–I want to be able to say "yes" to any physical activity that I feel like participating in and feel confident that my body and my mind can handle it. I use HIIT workouts a lot in my weekly training because they're so intense and fast-paced...before you really recognize how tired you are, it's over! HIIT is full-body and allows for me to really get those fast-twitch muscles firing versus the slow-twitch muscles utilized during long runs or long rides. Often times, I'll do the exact same HIIT workout that I write out for class at the gym, with the addition of some fun equipment like a medicine ball, battle ropes or sled!

You recently place THIRD PLACE in the Tri for a Cure! What a boss. How did your experience training for that go? How did the race day feel?

Gosh, I truly cannot describe race day. The feeling is like nothing else! The emotions are high on any race day but especially the Tri for a Cure. It's such an incredible experience and you can really feel the love and the grit, the pride and the joy oozing out of all of the athletes. And, unlike many races, the race is SO much bigger than just you as an individual athlete. I found myself getting emotional in the opening ceremony this year when they revealed that we beat our goal and raised over $2 million for cancer research in Maine, as funding raising itself felt like a big piece of the "training" and that was a huge win for all of us.

As for training, I loved it...I actually miss it. While riding a road bike is totally different than spin, teaching definitely helped with my endurance on the bike and my playlists absolutely came in handy on days when I had longer rides and runs planned. One component that I think helped all-around was implementing cross-training days. I not only really enjoy all types of workouts but I think keeping up with strength workouts helped both my biking and running.

What can people expect from your HIIT class?

First off, I want everyone to feel welcome and confident walking into class. If you've never done a HIIT workout, you might not know what an exercise or movement is and that is totally okay. I'm there to help guide you, give you modifications, whatever you need–I'm your biggest cheerleader. Classes are set up so that we'll do one big circuit, for a handful of rounds, to a playlist that'll get you fired up. We might use dumbbells or bands and there may even be classes where we just use bodyweight. You can expect to be challenged, to sweat and to likely do a burpee or two.

You're notorious for your health recipes and tasty snacks, what's your go-to summer snack?

Call me basic but I have an obsession with Perfect Bars. Coconut Peanut Butter to be exact (and a new Trail Mix flavor I've been seeing pop-up at Trader Joe's). I also could devour a full-size watermelon or pineapple in one sitting... If I need something more filling, while sometimes that's just a handful (or a few) of whatever "crispy crunchies" I have lying around (usually tortilla chips), I love making sliced cucumbers with Spinach Dip (also from TJ's), wrapped in a slice of turkey.

What else is going on for you this summer? What are some of your favorite spots to hang out around town?

Post-race summer has been pretty relaxed. Lots of beach days, morning walks by the Eastern Prom (so I can dog watch at the beach) and trying to soak up all that I can of the few months of summer we get! I work from home and I don't always do the best job of getting out and about so I sadly don't have too many hang out spots but of course, the Eastern Prom never gets old, whether its a walk, sitting on the hill reading a book, going for a run by the water. I'm also a fan of any local coffee shop that has strong coffee and strong Wifi.

There are 3 times to move with Abbey this week: Wednesday Tone & Cycle at 9:30 and Rêve HIIT Up at 5:30 and Friday Cycle at 12:00.

Bernadette Doykos