Change is Gonna Come


It’s hard to believe that Reve opened its doors well over six years ago. In that time, so much has changed. Just recently, we have spruced up our bathrooms and, in just a few weeks, you’ll see a few more amazing changes as well, including a new sign up software and--this one is the most exciting--new bikes! We are also giving all your beloved instructors a raise! To accommodate these changes, we are going to raise the prices for the first time in Rêve history, effective on September 11th. Also, on that day, our software will be down to facilitate the migration of the platform. 

In the time leading up to the increase, all of our package prices will be honored. So, leading up to next Wednesday, every Rêver can purchase one class pack at the current price. And, everyone who has an unlimited package that auto-renews each month will be grandfathered in at that rate. 

As always, we are so grateful for the Rêve community--and everything that lies ahead. We appreciate your willingness to show up every day and make Rêve what it is. We are so excited for these changes, which we will only improve something we think is already pretty great! If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at

Bernadette Doykos