New Year, Best You!

Each January, we love that feeling of the sense of promise and hope that comes with a fresh calendar.  The new year brings a great opportunity to ask yourself three important questions:

  1. What do you want to keep doing?
  2. What do you want to refresh?
  3. What do you want to cut loose?


In combination, these questions provide the chance to reflect on the ups and downs of the previous twelve months and make some goals and corresponding plans for the year ahead. For us--and much of the Rêve community--health and wellness is a huge part of these plans. In this post we consider some ways to make 2017 the year, not of the new you, but the best you.


Shake up our workouts

One of the things that we love most about Rêve is that it offers a range of opportunities to move your body. Between spinning, tone and trim, and yoga, our community can find a class to match almost all of their fitness needs. However, we also recommend complimenting your Rêve workouts with strength training and stretching. These practices will push you beyond any plateaus you may encounter and help you reach the next level of strength and flexibility. Additionally, if you've identified a fitness goal for 2017, such as completing a marathon or the Trek Across Maine, Rêve serves as the perfect cross training compliment to power you towards your goals.

Fuel your health

This year, we have been thinking a lot about taking more time to invest in and be intentional about our nutrition. Now, don't get us wrong, we fully endorse the idea that the best reward for a tough workout is a delicious smoothie bowl with an extra heap of honey roasted peanut butter from Blake Orchard Juicery or a Holy Donut. However, blogs like Deliciously Ella and Goop offer healthy recipes for every level of culinary skill. Especially during the winter, we love their slow cook dishes that are simple to make and provide delicious grab and go meals for the whole week! Also, we swear this will be the year that we focus on hydration.

Focus on Mindfulness

Mindfulness has become a bit of a buzzword in recent years. However, its positive effects are tough to contest, including decreased stress levels and enhanced focus throughout the day. Amidst busy schedules and endless digital notifications it can be difficult to find time to practice mindfulness, but you only need a few minutes to see the benefits. There are several guided meditations available on YouTube or apps, such as Headspace. Alternately, simply set aside 5-15 minutes a day where your only goal is to be more mindful of what's happening both within and around you. Ultimately, a few moments for you may make you more open, receptive, and responsive throughout the remainder of your day!

Whatever your goals and intentions are for the year ahead, be sure that they create moments of joy. We can't wait to Rêve it up with you all!