Catching up with Stephanie B.!

Haven't had the opportunity to ride with Stephanie Beattie recently? Well, here's your chance — she's teaching nearly every class at the studio this weekend! We caught up with her about her busy teaching/training schedule and summer plans below. Read more about this talented, energetic teacher and book a ride with her for the weekend!

1. We know you're an experienced teacher - and not just on the bike! What else can we find you teaching when you're not at Rêve and what's one of the things you love most about teaching?

I also teach BodyPump and Bootcamp classes. I love to be part of helping people reach their fitness goals, so teaching classes allows me to motivate people to work hard and see the results from that hard work.

2. Where can we find you when you're not teaching?

When I'm not teaching, I am either training for the next event (triathlon, road race, exc.) or spending time with my boys. I stay home with my 2 and 4-year-old part-time. They definitely keep me busy!

3. What's one of your favorite things about summer in Maine? Any big plans for summer 2015?

There is so much to do during the summer in Maine. Any outdoor activity is my favorite! I will be camping with my family this summer and whitewater rafting my favorite river, the Penobscot!