On Friday night, January 30th, from 4 p.m. until midnight, indoor cyclists from all over Southern Maine will participate in Cycle4Care, a fundraiser during which riders cycle for 1-4 hours shifts (Yes, 4 hours!) at the Finley Recreation Center at the University of New England. Our own Skyler Walley is teaching from 9-10 p.m. at the event, and Carolyn will teach a class at Rêve THIS Saturday morning, 1/24, at 8:15, all proceeds from which will also benefit the fundraiser. One of our amazing riders, Katie Hawkins, answered a few questions for us about the event and the purpose for it. Read on, then book your bike for this Saturday’s ride (it’s free to sign up online – just don’t forget to bring at least $15 to the studio with you on Saturday morning to benefit Cycle4Care!) OR sign up to ride on the 30th here:!


1. Where do the proceeds from Cycle4Care fundraising go? The proceeds from Cycle4Care go to the Cancer Community Center in South Portland. The CCC provides free education and wellness programs and services to cancer patients and their families. It’s a great cause, and I am so excited that Rêve is helping out with a Cycle4Care ride.

2. Why are you involved with Cycle4Care? The CCC has been an important organization for me ever since my dad was diagnosed with cancer in October of 2000 and found a great deal of support at the CCC. More recently, my friend, Kelly, was diagnosed with breast cancer and has undergone aggressive treatment for close to a year. I was thrilled when I heard that Kelly found the CCC and was taking part in their programs. This year I’ll ride with Kelly and several of our friends to celebrate Kelly and support the organization that has provided so much support to Kelly.

3. What's one of your favorite parts about the event? It’s so much fun to be see the sea of bikes and all of the people cycling with such determination while having a good time. There is so much energy and excitement – even very late on Friday night!

4. What's it like being on the bike for so long?! Last year I worried I would get bored, but that certainly didn’t happen! The music is loud, the energy is amazing and there are so many people cheering. I was well prepared for all the pedaling – thanks, of course, to Rêve!!! But, I’ll admit I felt it the next day!