Rêve Revolve: Dempsey Challenge Ride


Next weekend, long-time Rêver and former instructor, Amy Johnson is joining Team ‘Orange Dragons Against Cancer’ for the 10th annual Dempsey Challenge!  This team was started by Nina Houghton Brown and her husband Chris at the race’s inaugural two day running and cycling event. In the race’s second year, Chris was in the middle of his courageous battle with Stage IV colon cancer, but biked 25 miles alongside hundreds of families and friends who were all impacted by the disesase.  On September 30th, Amy will be riding 100 miles with Chris’ spirit, as well as that of her Grandmother and Uncle. Cancer holds no biases and has impacted everyone’s lives.  

The proceeds of the event directly support the Dempsey Center, based in Lewiston, Maine. The Center was created to provide services to improve the quality of life for anyone affected by cancer free of cost, including therapies that help manage side effects of cancer treatment to nutrition classes to counseling and support groups. Since it opened, the Center has become a space where thousands of families have secured the necessary resources to alleviate the challenges of battling cancer.

The Challenge not only raises funds to maintain free services, but also provides an electric energy of support, camaraderie and encouragement to individuals and their families who are confronting the cancer process.  Amy is so excited to be a part of the Orange Dragons Against Cancer, and to join Nina, who carries the team in memory of her husband and dear friend Maria.

On Friday, September 21st, we will host a Rêve Revolve to support Amy’s fundraising efforts for this amazing cause. Abbey Hybl will be leading the ride, and promises an intense workout and an incredible playlist. Bikes are free to reserve, but we ask that you bring a donation of at least $15 to support Amy and the Dempsey Foundation. Book your bike today!

Bernadette Doykos