Pushing the Limits: New Classes at Rêve

At Rêve, we are always looking for new ways to push our limits. That's why we are so excited about two new classes that will keep us striving towards new goals in these long winter months: Endurance Rides with Steph B. and Cycle 90 with Savannah. Both classes offer a longer format and new challenges for Rêvers. We caught up with both of them to ask what inspired them to take on the new classes and what we might expect from the experience. Check it out! Reve_April2016_96What inspired you to want to lead a longer format ride?

Savannah: Skyler often reminds her riders that without challenge, there is no change. As riders and as instructors, we tend to gravitate toward places where we feel most comfortable. This could be a convenient class time, a comfortable hand position, or a certain number of turns on that red resistance knob. This class, 90 minutes of straight cycling, is something new and maybe a bit uncomfortable. I am hoping that riders will see this class as a new challenge and embrace it as an opportunity for change and for growth.

Steph B.: I am currently taking time off from running due to an injury, but need to continue to build my endurance base for the Maine Coast Half Marathon in May. Spinning is such a great cross training for running! Besides, it's always a challenge to get outside during the winter for long runs or rides with the road conditions. This class provides the perfect alternative.

What are you most looking forward to from this new challenge, for you as an instructor? As an athlete?

Steph B.: The longer class allows riders to figure out what they are capable of and I enjoy helping others to find their potential. I love to push outside comfort zones when training!

Savannah: To see all of this growth happen! I cannot wait to see riders who doubted their abilities to complete this class, not only make it through, but conquer it and sign up again.

What might we expect to experience in this new class?

Savannah: You have to be willing to dig deep and go somewhere you’ve never been, but you can expect a room full of other riders supporting you the whole way! I thought about including a couple of songs using arm weights, but after the first class I think most will agree that there is something special about grinding it out. Plus, the sun goes down as we ride; one week ends and another begins. Cycle 90 is a fresh start.

Steph B.: This class will be straight riding for 75 consecutive minutes. It will feature some longer intervals and hills, but lots of variety to keep riders motivated and engaged.

What might we expect to experience in this new class?

Steph B.: Riders may want to think a little bit more about hydration. Electrolytes and/or extra water could be helpful.

Savannah: Lots of water, lots of energy, and an open mind.

Steph B. will be offering pop-up Endurance Rides; be sure to check the schedule for availability. Savannah's Cycle 90 will be at 4:00 each Sunday! These classes are sure to be in high demand, sign up early to ensure your spot!