Ever wonder who the friendly guy checking you in at the front desk is?

Meet Brian Farley! We are so excited to have him as a member of the Rêve team. While we know he rocks at making riders feel welcome, keeping the studio in tip-top shape, and bringing awesome energy to every class he takes, we wanted to learn more about him and thought you might, too! See his answers to some of our questions below. 1. What are you up to when you're not at Rêve? I am currently finishing my masters degree in school counseling at USM. I am in the final stretch with only my internship left to be completed. Outside of school I enjoy cycling and almost anything else outdoors. I spend a lot of time camping during the summer months and hope to do even more of that this coming year.

2. Why did you start riding at Rêve? Initially it was just because my brother talked me into it, thinking it would be something fun for us to do on weekends. I had never tried it but figured I'd give it a shot, learning quickly that it wasn't nearly as easy as it looked. However, I kept coming back and now I am hooked! 3. What's one of your favorite things about working at the studio? By far the energy. All the people at Rêve, staff and riders, just have such amazing attitudes. It's the type of place I look forward to spending time at! Between the music and abundance of positive vibes there isn't much not to like! 4. Any favorite winter activities? Sometimes I like to pretend that I can ski, but I have only ever been a handful of times. And I typically spend more time falling down than actually skiing, but I truly enjoy giving it my best and just being outside. Unfortunately balance is not my strong suit. When there is enough snow I also enjoy snowshoeing around the Portland trails with my favorite four-legged nephew!