"You are entirely up to you": Catching up with Frances Lewis

Frances Lewis recently returned to Rêve after a brief hiatus. These days, she is combining her love of health and wellness as the Health Coordinator at Waynflete, in addition to her time on the instructor’s podium. We caught up with her to talk about her new job, how it fuels her on the bike, and what is some advice that she has for the Rêve community to remember as we enter the heat of the holiday season. Check it out!fullsizerender

In addition to being a Rêve rockstar, you are the Health Coordinator at Waynflete. What does this entail? As the health coordinator I monitor the wellness programming, and keep all things regarding health running smoothly! I am the nurse on campus, so I track illnesses and incidents, and try to keep everyone healthy and happy. I help write the wellness curriculum, as well as help establish policies on things such as the allergy protocol!

How did you get involved in health and wellness? For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to be a nurse. My mom is a nurse, so I grew up watching her work and loving what she did. My parents are very invested in their own health, so I’ve been raised with healthy habits. Health and wellness have always been an integral part of my life, and I love that I can work in a field that I love!

Do you see any parallels between the work that you do at Waynflete and the way you approach your classes at Rêve? Yes! Self motivation, accountability, and determination are common themes in both places. Students need to apply all of these concepts to their day to day life in academics, social scenes, and athletics. You can come to school or come to the studio and go through the motions, but if you don’t push yourself or step outside of your comfort zone, you are not going to achieve what you want.

With the holidays fast approaching, can you offer a few tips that you find essential to taking care of yourself during this crazy time of year? 1. Make sure you hydrate!! I can’t say this enough. 2. Rest, and find time alone away from the craziness. 3. Turn off your screens, limit social media, and pick up a book.

Finally, what is the best bit of wellness advice you’ve received? “You are entirely up to you!”

Be sure to check the schedule, and catch a class with Fran! She will push you to help you be your best on the bike with a combination of a fun soundtrack and her incredible energy.

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