Fuel Your Ride

Have you ever found yourself reaching for a snack before class and felt unsure if it would help or hinder your ride? You're not alone. We asked a number of Rêve instructors what some of their favorite ways to fuel up before--and after--their time at the studio. Read on for some tips about some things to eat and drink that will get you ready to maximize your workout!



Before my morning classes, I love to grab a KIND bar- blueberry is my preference-as I run out to the studio. When I have a bit more time, I make an English muffin with 1/2 avocado, sprinkle of salt & pepper, and a dash of hot sauce...Delish! I cap it off with some Celestial Seasonings Morning Thunder Tea, to give me the extra kick I need!


Prior to the morning classes I try to have two glasses of water and a banana, and maybe a quick shot of protein, like peanut butter scoop or some cottage cheese.  After class, I reap the rewards of my workout and refuel with egg sandwiches, avocado, and all of the coffee. The only time I really switch things up is after taking Erin's Tone & Trim, in which case I run to the nearest Whole Foods and eat everything in the buffet and an entire rotisserie chicken.


If I have a big day of riding and training ahead of me, I am sure to stock up on Cliff Shot Blocks. The extra electrolytes they provide have saved  time and time again. I keep a KIND bar or a mix of almonds and dates on me at all times for when I get a midday snack attack. It is the perfect combination of fuel to help power me through my active lifestyle. I also have a HUGE sweet tooth and the combination of nuts and dates really satisfies my cravings. I've been a pescatarian for 6 years, so I consume a ton of fish for the protein I need to power up for my workouts (and my sweet dance moves while teaching). Also, not a day goes by where I don't have one piece of dark chocolate


Pre-Rêve, I usually have a quick snack of a banana and almond butter. I also love Maine squeeze smoothies-- my faves are the Dream Team and Kale Storm! After class, usually a banana (love bananas!) or my favorite combination of apple, cheese, and nuts. Of course, I'm sure to replenish with tons of water, bonus points if it's coconut water.


Before heading to class, I generally snack on a banana and a Lara bar (peanut butter chocolate chip is my very favorite!! Sometimes an apple and almond butter does the trick too!!


I love to make a little sandwich before I head into my classes. I toast whole grain bread with banana and peanut butter with a little dab of honey or cocoa powder. I also swear by grapefruits, they are so refreshing and great for you. I keep some nut mix handy at all times; I go for a simple mix of almonds, pistachios or walnuts with raisins, craisins, and pumpkin seeds. I drink tons of water, which sometimes I swap out for lime sparkling water. Also for an extra kick, I drink some Green peach tea, which has a touch of caffeine and the sweetness does the trick. For a special treat, I am a huge fan of Maine Squeeze smoothies and the whole grain baked goods at Whole Foods.

Stephanie C.

I am a huge fan of acai bowls (pictured above!) My favorite mix includes bananas, strawberries, almond milk, raw honey, coconut flakes and hemp seeds. It's a great post work out treat that's nutritious and delicious.


No matter the weather or time of day, I almost always carry a soy iced coffee into the studio with me. It gives me that little boost. My go-to post-class snack is a Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Quest Bar. It tastes like cookies and has over 20 grams of protein, which is awesome for refueling after a sweaty Rêve ride!

What are your favorite ways to fuel your ride? Let us know in the comments!