Funky Fridays

Friday’s just got a whole lot funkier at Rêve with the return of Kyle’s 5:30 pm class. Around the studio, he is known for his amazingly unique soundtracks that set the foundation for a killer workout. We caught up with him to discuss what inspires his diverse tastes, his strategies for hunting for new music, and how his Friday classes are the perfect way to jumpstart your weekends. reve_april2016_99 Your soundtracks are always super unique, where do you draw your music from? What are some sources of inspiration?

I've never been a big fan of pop music during my lifetime, and have never really spent a lot of time listening to the radio.  So, over the years, I’ve become someone who shamelessly goes out of my way to identify and download a great song if I hear it. Through that, I’ve developed a substantial catalogue of music that I pull from for my classes.

I've always been inspired by musicians who emphasize their live shows as the ultimate experience of consuming their music: Daft Punk, Pink Floyd, Bruce, Beyoncé, etc... I'm definitely not the showman they are, but they do inspire me!

What can we expect from your Friday evening classes? 

Last Fall/Winter, this class really grew into a nice community of regular Friday riders. Friday evenings just have a great vibe.  Everyone is on the same page.  It's a great end to a long week and a great beginning to a weekend that we already know will be too short. I really hope even more people can make it this year!!

We asked Kyle to pull together a list of his current favorites, but unsurprisingly, they aren't your ordinary Top 40 hits. Click the Soundcloud playlist below to get a preview of what Friday classes will be like!  Grab a friend, lots of water, and get ready to roll into your weekend the very best way possible!