Happy Feet!

We've gotten lots of inquiries about what gear is necessary or best for a cycling class, so we asked owner and instructor, Stephanie, to give us the low-down on which shoes she prefers and why. Why are choosing the right shoes important? Happy feet means a care free body and mind. If you find that your feet are bothering you during class or you are tired of not getting the benefits of the upward pedal stroke, it's time to upgrade! Biking shoes allow you to maximixe the full 360° pedal stroke. If you're looking to invest:

Stephanie has chosen 4 different shoes that have gotten great reviews. They range in price and quality. You get what you pay for to a certain degree but everyone will notice a great improvement from normal sneakers. Although it seems like a lot at first, your feet will love you and the quality will amaze you! Cycling specific shoes are beneficial because they have rigid soles which leads to a smooth transmission of power that allows you to maximizes the efficiency of your pedal stroke. Also, cycling shoes last a very long time, so it is a good investment if you decide to become a dedicated cyclist or spinner.

shoe2 1-Dominator 5 by SIDI

shoe1 2- Motodiva by Specialized


If you're just starting out:

shoe4 3- Race Road WSD by Bontrager

shoe3 4-Tahoe by Specialized


If you're on a tight budget:

Can I wear sneakers to ride? Of course you can!

Anything with good support that will stabilize the foot in the pedal strap is just fine. All of our bikes have toe clips that do a good job of keeping the foot snug to the pedal. When choosing from your current collection of running, training or tennis shoes, choose the pair with the least amount of flexibility in the sole. Don't let your shoes stop you from spinning. Come ride with us!

Rêve's bikes are SPD and sneaker compatible! We also have two bikes with LOOK Clips!