In The Bag: On The Go With Savannah!

To say that Savannah has a busy schedule is an understatement. These days, in addition to a full time job at a lab and teaching several classes at Rêve each week, she is also coaching a cross country team and training for her second half marathon this fall. As she gets ready to teach some extra classes this weekend while also maximizing the waning days of summer, she offered us a sneak peak inside her bag and let's us know what keeps her going as she runs around town--literally and figuratively. IMG_0130

Headphones: Whether I'm playlist prepping, going for a run, or listening to Spotify's latest, I never leave the house without headphones. There's always a perfect soundtrack for every activity on my schedule!

Snacks: Anyone who knows me knows I love a good bar for a quick energy boost when I need it. Recently, the breakfast bar from East End Cupcakes has been my favorite. I also have a major sweet tooth, which I satisfy with dried fruits satisfy my cravings; pineapple, apricots, mangoes and figs are some of my favorites (bonus points for any covered in chocolate!).

H2O: When we are so busy, it's usually when we need to hydrate the most; however, it's also when we are most likely to forget it. Just having a bottle or my empty Camelback ready to fill gives me a simple reminder and incentive to drink more of it.

Headbands: I think I keep every single workout headband I own in my bag at all times, a hazard of the job, I suppose. I never know which one I'll need! Lululemon's Flyaway Tamers are classics, but I also love my Rêve/Cory Vines collaboration!

Chapstick: My college roommate turned me onto Nivea Shimmer and now I keep at least one in every bag I own.

Mini rollerball perfume: I always have a mini perfume for a last minute spritz before leaving the studio. Lately, I've been into Tocca Florence, but Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf is my go-to scent.

Alaina Marie Bait Bag: When I'm running around town on the weekends, I'll often throw in my Rêve Bait Bag to take on the run when cashing in a Rêve Reward, like a caffeine boost at Bard (their Nitro Cold Brew is perfection) or post-class brunch with friends.


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