Instructor Spotlight: Amy

This December we asked Amy a few questions about herself. See how our wonderfully energetic instructor spends her time outside of the studio! Revepic

Where can we find you when we’re not in the studio?

Usually you'll find me on a mountainside or out camping in the woods. I'm a very outdoor oriented person and love spending my time in the wilderness. When I'm not at my job landscaping, I jet off to a new mountain to explore or head out to the lakes and relax with a campfire.

What are 5 things we may not know about you?

-I played Basketball while attending Wheaton College in Norton, MA -No coffee for me, it's strictly tea. -I am originally from Vermont -Growing up I was an avid figure skater, and I still enjoy heading out to the rink with friends -My roommate Rachel just got the cutest Goldendoodle puppy named Ellen.

What is your favorite pre-spin snack?

Since I'm usually spinning early mornings and jumping into work shortly after, I try to gear up with a solid breakfast of a granola/oatmeal mix, boiled eggs and a banana. Worse comes to worse, when I'm running behind I will always have at least a banana and some type of protein bar. I will never exercise on an empty stomach.

What’s one song you couldn’t spin without?

Hands down, Reason by Nervo Hook & Sling. It has a great beat that motivates me and gets me to crank up hills with as much power as possible. The high energetic tempo makes it great at the end of a workout too, as it helps you push to finish just as hard and strong as you started.

If you could tell us why you love cycling in one word, what would that be?

Power. Cycling makes me feel strong and powerful. I love that moment when you realize that you're strong enough to power through hills or a tough sprint. It almost makes you feel invincible, and no matter how hard the workout I always feel like I walk off the bike a little taller.

What’s your favorite quote?

"For an athlete, sweat is true beauty," is a motto that I've lived by since high school. There are so many pressures and expectations (especially for young women) that place value and worth on the outfit that they are wearing, or how well they could resemble that model in a magazine ad. But really the celebration should be that of a strong, self-sufficient and confident woman. The beauty is in the hard work, the commitment, the grind, the sweat.