Instructor Spotlight: Carolyn

Each month, we will be featuring one of our fabulous Instructors on the Rêve Blog! This month we asked Carolyn a few questions about herself. See how our wonderful instructor spends her time outside of the studio!

bradbury fall 2013 Carolyn with two fellow Rêvers on a beautiful Fall hike up Bradbury Mountain.

Where can we find you when you're not at Rêve? At my job in the development office at Bowdoin College, 158 Pickett Street Café for the best post-Rêve bagels (their Popeye is my bagel of choice), or out exploring all that the great state of Maine has to offer!

What are 5 things we may not know about you?

- I've lived in six different states: Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, Massachusetts, New York, and Maine. - I love basset hounds and my family has two: Snoopy and Harley. Snoopy is a basset/beagle mix, or a bagel, as we affectionately call him. Harley is trouble. - I couldn't be prouder of my younger brother, Hank, who is a pilot in San Francisco. - I've run two marathons and seven half marathons (and counting!). - I've played the piano since I was five, completed a music minor in college (Bowdoin '10), and DJ'd at Bowdoin's radio station throughout my four years there. My love of music runs deep, which is one of the biggest reasons why I love indoor cycling and riding at Rêve so much!

We’re dying to hear your healthy eating habits! What is your favorite pre-spin snack, how long before spin do you eat and why?

Watermelon chunks or a small apple for those early morning classes when you really just need to grab something and go. As tempting as it is to hit the snooze button, waking up 45 minutes before class to get some quick energy in my system is always worth it. Before evening classes, I'll eat a handful of homemade peanut butter granola (a recipe that I got from the Rêve blog that is so simple and delicious!) and a piece of fruit. I eat an hour/hour and a half before class -- it gives my body time to turn that snack into fuel without weighing me down or leaving me feeling hungry. The rest of the time, it's really everything in moderation. Except Rice Krispie treats, which I try to eat whenever possible.

What’s your favorite quote?

"There are seven days in the week, and someday isn't one of them." I think it's really important to remember that life is happening right now, and that we don't have time to waste! If you want to make a change, on or off the bike, there's really no other time to do so than in the present moment.

And then there's the best advice my mom ever gave me: "Kindness is never in poor taste."

Thanks so much for sharing Carolyn!