Instructor Spotlight: Raglan

600_031023 We sat down with Rêve's resident watch dog to ask him a few questions. Here is what he told us...

Where can we find you when we’re not at Rêve? In the water at the East End Beach….It is one of my favorite places in the entire world.

What are 5 things we may not know about you? 1. I love to dance. 2. I live for convertibles….feeling the breeze is the best! 3. My girlfriend is my Frisbee. 4. People often confuse me for a stuffed animal. 5. I’m named after a cool surf town in New Zealand.

What’s one song you couldn’t spin without? Who Let the Dogs Out by Baha Men

We’re dying to hear your healthy eating habits! What is your favorite pre-spin snack, how long before spin do you eat and why? I enjoy Sweet Potatoes, Carrots, Bananas, Apples, Tuna, Chicken, and Ice cream. However, I try not to over indulge to keep my svelte figure and I always eat at least an hour before class.

What’s your favorite quote? Everything tastes better with Peanut Butter - Rags

Photo Credit: Cara Slifka!!

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