Introducing Two Game Changers: Erin and Tone & Trim!


Tell us about you! When did you start teaching fitness classes and why?

My early-on love for fitness brought me in to an aerobics class in college where I quickly became a legwarmer donning devotee. My favorite instructor convinced me to start teaching classes and so it began. Over the years, I've taught almost every single modality of group fitness but it was in teaching barre and yoga classes where I found the most reward. I love being able to motivate and challenge my students to achieve results that leave them feeling stronger both physically and mentally.

Tell us about Tone & Trim! Why do you think it's a good complement to Rêve's cycling classes?

While I am a self-proclaimed cardio junkie, my body is happiest (and the most fit) when I'm routinely strength-training. Tone & Trim will incorporate isometric holds and small-controlled movements with functional, full-body exercises to strengthen and lengthen every muscle in your body. Incorporating elements from yoga, barre and pilates combined with heart-rate pumping cardio intervals, Tone & Trim will harness the benefits of a ballet-inspired barre class while also providing a balanced workout. A perfect way to shake-up your Rêve cycling routine by increasing flexibility and developing muscle definition. The class will be a little bit different every time to continue to challenge students of all fitness levels.

Does music still play a big role in Tone & Trim classes?

Making playlists is my most-favorite hobby. My iTunes and Spotify accounts are a little bit ridiculous actually. True story, I have a playlist for every mood, activity, road-trip and party theme imaginable. Music is incredibly powerful and motivating to me and I plan to bring my A-game when it comes to my class playlists. Be prepared to hear anything from yacht rock radio to 80's/90's pop to my most current favorites.

What are you most looking forward to about teaching at Rêve?

Taking classes at Rêve has made Portland feel like home after moving to Maine in April of 2014. Between the smiling faces of the instructors, the incredibly beautiful space and the undeniable sense of community, I can't imagine another place I'd rather spend my time. Teaching and connecting personally with my students has always been the most fulfilling experience and joining Rêve feels more like an honor and privilege.

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