Introducing Amanda Baker!

We are so excited to introduce our newest instructor, Amanda Baker. After having her son, Amanda sought out a space that would let her take some time for herself and stimulate the strength required to raise an amazing little human. She found that at Rêve. Amanda has been a mainstay in the front row of classes at Rêve for a while now, but her love for the driving beat drove her to take her place on the podium. We caught up with her to discuss the mental and physical strength that Rêve has helped her build, what we may expect from her classes, and where we may find her outside of the studio. Starting this week, Amanda (and her incredible leggings collection) will be popping up all over the schedule. This week you can catch her on Monday at 7:00 pm and Friday at noon. Reserve your bike today!


I ride at Rêve because…

I've said it before and I'm sure that I'll say it a million times more, Rêve is my escape. I had a really hard time regaining my own identity after becoming a mom. My little buddy Bowie is my best friend and we spend A LOT of time together. Being a stay at home mom is an absolute gift, but it's so easy to forget who you are when you're devoting every waking moment to another human being. I spent my entire first visit to Rêve in Steph J.'s class, smiling from ear to ear, and absolutely astounded at the fact that I could be having so much fun while sweating so profusely. I walked out of class a new woman, ready to go home and engage with my son, with a clear head and weight off my shoulders. Rêve isn't just about exercise, it's about taking up space for yourself. It's about taking care of yourself. Self-care is so important and not enough of us set aside that time just for ourselves. 

Teaching’s a big job! About what are you most excited? What makes your class unique?

I'm most excited to start connecting with people in my classes. I've been a part of the Rêve community for a while now, but it'll be so awesome to really engage with the people I've been riding amongst all this time. The instructors and riders at Rêve have completely changed my stance on health and fitness. If I can give back just a tiny bit of what this community has given to me, I'll be happy. Every single person that is a part of Rêve is unique: their bodies, their energy, their style. That's what makes this place so f'n great! Everyone is free to be themselves, inside and out, and I hope my class reflects that!

My favorite moment in class is when… 

A real banger of a jam comes on! I feel the most energized and alive on the bike when the music is blasting and the beat is super strong. 

The most challenging part about becoming an instructor has been…

The stage fright!!! I'm still SO nervous when I'm up on that podium, but getting a few "whoots" from the class lets me know they're cheering for me as much as I'm cheering for them. 
Some songs you’ll definitely find on my first few playlists will be…

My musical taste is all over the board. Like the rest of the world I'm full on obsessed with all things Queen Bey, but I also get down with Tiesto, Dillon Francis, JT, JB, the golden age of hip hop (early 2000s y'all), and of course, Bowie. Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody is by far my most favorite song of all time so I'm determined to figure out a way to spin to it!

When I’m not at the studio, you can find me…

With my fam! The Children's museum, any playground around Portland, staring at bugs, playing in sandboxes. #momlife

Anything else you'd like the Rêve community to know about you? 

I know it can be difficult to be social at fitness studios, but I'm so excited to meet everyone that attends my classes so please don't be shy! I'm always open to suggestions and music recommendations as well, so throw ‘em at me! 

Bernadette Doykos