Introducing Kat Bacon!

When she moved to Portland from Puerto Rico last year, Kat Bacon was looking for a place where she could find a high intensity work out and a community who shared a passion for health and wellness similar to her own. She found that at Rêve, where she paired weekly cycling and Tone and Trim classes and found that the two complimented each other in helping her to meet her personal goals. This past summer, she and her husband left town once again for an extended stay in Idaho, but upon her return, Kat was so excited to lay some local roots and get back to instructing HIIT classes, as she had been doing during her time in PR. Starting this week, you can find her newest class, Rêve HIIT Up, on the schedule each Monday (6:00 pm) and Thursday (6:00 am). The class offers a high intensity workout, blending mat work, light weights, and resistance bands, all set to an awesome soundtrack. Read on, as she talks to us about how she came to be a fitness instructor, what we might expect from Rêve HIIT Up, and where she can be found outside of the studio!


1. I come to at Rêve because… 

When I first move to a new place finding the right fitness studio is a top priority. When I moved to Portland I wanted to find a place where I could combine cardio workouts like spinning with strength workouts and Rêve offered both! I loved the Tone & Trim and Cycling combo classes every week. The vibe at Rêve is so awesome. Every time I walk into the studio I get pumped up for class even if I wasn't feeling ready on the way over. 

2. Teaching’s a big job! About what are you most excited? What makes your class unique?

Teaching IS a really big job! I have always been extremely passionate about fitness and love the way I feel after a good, strong workout but it's a lot different when you're the one leading versus following along. The thing I'm most excited about is inspiring other people. With HIIT you tackle a lot of challenging movements right after revving up your heart rate; showing people that their body is capable of doing that is really powerful. The class is such a great addition to spinning because it combines that cardiovascular fitness with strength. Not only do the two go really well together because they make you stronger and more fit for the other, but because you will see more results when you combine strength with cardio. 

3. My favorite moment in class is when… 

The moment when you first feel the heat start to build and the body starts to sweat. It's all just uphill from there. I also love the end of the class because it always puts a smile on my face knowing I completed what I had set out to do. It is when you feel most accomplished and you can give yourself a pat on the back for your hard work. 

4. The most challenging part about becoming an instructor has been… 

Being the person that everyone in the room is looking to for leadership and guidance. It is the most overwhelming feeling, but once the class starts and the music is going and people are sweating, I forget all about the stage fright and just enjoy every moment of making our bodies stronger together.

5. Some songs you’ll definitely find on my first few playlists will be… 

With HIIT workouts it’s really important to get (and keep!) the energy in the room up because it's a tiring workout so I try to keep the music really upbeat. I'm always open to music suggestions from students if they want to hear something for the next class.

6. Rêve HIIT Up is a new class at the studio. How would you describe it to folks who are interested in trying it out?

This class blends high intensity interval training (HIIT) with mat and floor work to give you a fun full body interval workout.  The class integrates a combination of total body exercises performed in intervals designed to increase strength, power, and agility. Using low-weight dumbbells, resistance bands, and your own body weight, you will strengthen, lengthen, and tone every muscle group with a fun mix of cardio and strength exercises set to a great soundtrack. It’s the perfect complimentary activity to cycling and will have you feeling stronger both inside the studio and out!

7. When I’m not at the studio, you can find me…

Hanging out with my husband and our dog, Boots. We love get coffee and food and bring Boots to East End Beach and Willard Beach in South Portland. We are also big time skiers (that's how I met my husband) so we'll be at Sugarloaf a lot this winter! Pray for good snow! 

 8. Anything else you'd like the Rêve community to know about you? 

I have been traveling a lot in the past year and am happy to finally be settled and to meet more people in Portland. We left Puerto Rico at the end of last year and spent the summer driving across the country and lived and worked in Idaho this summer. Travel is such a big part of who I am and I think it always will be, but I am grateful to be setting up roots here in Portland for the foreseeable future and to meet other people who are passionate about fitness.

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