Instructor Spotlight: Joanna Pease

For nearly 6 months, Joanna Pease has been crushing it on the instructor's podium at Rêve. This week, she chatted with us about the lessons she’s learned so far as an instructor, some sources of spinspiration, and what she’s most looking forward to as the weather heats up. Reve_April2016_208

What has been your biggest lesson you have learned as a Reve instructor?

The number one thing I have learned is to be CONFIDENT! I think everyone--riders and instructors, alike--struggles from time to time with their confidence levels. When I first started teaching I was a little nervous about how effective I was, but over time I have found that the more confident I am, the more FUN I have. This change in attitude transfers to the entire class!

We know you travel a bunch for work, and it seems you take advantage of your road warrior status to check out a bunch of studios around North America. What have you found to be elements of your favorite studios? 

YES! I LOVE trying out new studios, and seeing the different approaches to curating a workout that each place takes. Every spin studio is different, and I learn things from every single one I visit. I take into consideration styles of teaching, music, tone portions, the look of the studio. A couple of my recent favorites have been BurnCycle in Portland, Oregon. I loved EVERYTHING about that studio: the atmosphere, the instructors, the music. Similarly, Zengo Cycle in Washington DC. was great. They play a "zen song" towards the end of class, which I found so freeing.

Where do you go for Rêve inspiration? 

I am constantly striving to get better as an instructor, and I take inspiration from everywhere I go! Through my travels, there are several instructors I have bonded with all over the country with whom I trade music and ideas. For example, I love when an instructor gets off the bike and moves around the studio. I think this is so key in raising energy levels. As I have started to do it in my own classes, I realize it not only allows me to motivate riders, but I love seeing the differences in people's riding and attitude as I move around. Also, I'm always on the hunt for new and different music. I use Spotify, Soundcloud, YouTube, iTunes, even stores and restaurants, to find new songs and playlists. My life--what I'm experiencing day-to-day--definitely influences the tone and structure of my classes, too!

If you have a weekend with no plans, what are some of your local must dos?

Yikes... These seem to be rare! Taking my Dog, Finn, for a hike or walk on the beach is a must. I love downtown Portland--the food and drink scene is tough to beat. For restaurants, I am loving Isa, Evo, Lolita, and Eventide is a staple. Cocktails I would go for The Bearded Lady and Bramhall- I love the unique atmospheres. For a little self care, I am loving Anna Phillips Nail Bar and the Spa at the Regency Hotel has the BEST massages.

What do you most look forward to when the temperatures start to (finally!) warm up?

Getting out on the water! My husband and I have a downeast cruising boat, which we take all over the Maine coast when the weather gets warm. I cannot wait!