Behind the Lens with Meredith Perdue

Ever since Meredith Perdue was introduced to Steph C. by  long-time Rêver, she has served as the "official photographer," capturing the spirit of Rêve with each of her shoots. We may be biased, but we adore her work! We caught up with her to discuss what brought her to Portland, some of her favorite moments behind the lens in the studio, and where we can find more of her work.MP2

What brought you to Portland from your native North Carolina?

I grew up in a small town, and after graduating from college in 2008, my then boyfriend (now husband) and I saw moving to Maine with our dog as a bit of an adventure. Portland, with its amazing food scene, proximity to the water, and abundance of opportunities for outdoor activities, fit perfectly with what we wanted. We’ve lived in the Willard Beach neighborhood of South Portland for nearly 8 years now and cannot imagine a better place to call home.

How did you end up as a professional photographer? 

Photography had been a hobby of mine since I was very young, and I took a few photo courses in college, but it wasn’t until I started working for a photographer shortly after moving to Maine in 2008 that I began to see that it could be more than just a hobby. I started my business in 2009 and have been shooting weddings, travel stories, and restaurant features since.

How did you link up with Rêve? 

One of my friends and a longtime Rêver, Mae, connected Steph and I about collaborating on shooting updated studio imagery for the Rêve website, blog, and social media accounts. Shooting for Rêve was such a welcome departure from what I usually shoot. Stepping outside of one’s comfort zone is great exercise for the creative process.


What is your fondest memory of shooting in the studio?

Raglan was definitely one of my favorite parts of shooting at the studio and I’d imagine that being greeted by his wagging tail is a highlight for most of the riders at Rêve as well. I also loved watching people filter in before class, many seemed to know each other and Steph knows almost everyone by name. It’s inspiring to see the community that she and the other instructors have built over the years - I think the community is one of the reasons Rêve is such a uniquely special cycling studio.


Where can people find your work?

My wedding portfolio may be seen at For my travel and food work, check out, the lifestyle travel blog I write alongside my husband.



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