Portland Summer Bucketlist

It doesn't get much better than summers in and around Portland.  Coastal breezes, fresh seafood, and outdoor adventures make us forget all about the bitter cold and grey days. These days it's tough to go a week without seeing another listicle about "36 Hours in Portland." While these lists have some great suggestions, we  wanted to get a more local take, so we asked a number of Rêvers to find out what makes their lists. With seven weeks left of summer, we'll be checking our Portland summer bucketlists and checking them twice, making sure to cross off all of our favorite activities. Read on for some great ideas and inspiration about how to maximize these special days. ragsRelax

Unsurprisingly, a number of our instructors love to reap the rewards of their hard work by taking some time to enjoy their surroundings. Everyone has their own favorite spots. Frances takes a few moments in the mornings on her deck to properly caffeinate and set an intention for the day. For Stephanie C., it's Higgins Beach where she can cool off with a quick dip. Savannah can't get enough of Scarborough Beach, where she's been going since she was little with her mom. In fact, it's the vision of these days that gets her through the offseason: "My mom always reminds me to think of our best moments at the beach when the winter gets cold and rough." As a non-native Mainer, Meg C. will take any beach she can get to chill out and get lost in a good book (with a family sized bottle of SPF handy, of course).


Turns out, you can take the instructors out of the studio, but not off their bikes. Chris recommends hopping on a bike (with a preferred uniform of jorts and a tank top) and cruising to one of Portland's many outdoor decks to grab a drink and a snack under the stunning summer sky. He lists Silly's backyard and The Snug as two of his favorites. Similarly, Skyler loves to bike out to Crescent Beach with a MANDATORY stop at Kettle Cove Ice Cream--"Java crunch and cookies and cream please, YUM!"

Get Out of Town

Although Portland has a whole lot to offer, Joanna and Brian remind us that there is more beyond the city limits--by land or by sea. Brian loves to camp, and notes, "the further out, the better!" Joanna spends 95% of her free time on the water, exploring the various islands in Casco Bay and beyond. "One of my favorites is Jewell Island. There is a great cove to sit on the boat and relax, and the island was an old WWI and II Military base, and there are still several towers and forts you can explore!"

We'd love to hear about what makes your list! In the meantime, we hope to run into you at one of these spots soon!