Rêve and Golf: An Unlikely but Amazing Combination!

When Mary told us a few weeks ago that riding at Rêve helped improve her golf game, we had to learn more so we asked her some questions! Read on to find out why she thinks riding at Rêve is "the best form of cross training." image1

1. How long have you been riding at Rêve?

February 2015

2. Why did you decide to start taking class?

I got a slot in the Maine Cancer Foundation’s 2015 Tri For A Cure. I’m a swimmer / runner by trade but the biking portion of the race is a completely new experience for me! I sought the expertise of Stephanie which naturally led me to Rêve.

3. We hear class has affected your golf game. How?

Similar to spinning, having good form is key to any good golf game. When doing both, I spend a lot of time focusing on keeping my spine straight and my core engaged. It’s easy in both to grip your handle bars, or club, too tight. Having loose, unlocked arms is ideal…otherwise you’ll top the ball or topple over your bike.

4. Anything else you'd like to share with other athletes who may not have tried Rêve yet about why it's helpful cross training for their sport?

There are so many physical reasons why spinning is, in my opinion, the best form of cross training. It's a low impact, high intensity form of cardio. It's a natural way to interval train. It's the change in cadence, from slow to fast-twitch muscles, throughout each class that makes your legs undoubtedly stronger.

But what Rêve has really taught me is how to hone the mental side of athleticism through intention. When running or golfing or doing any other type of physical activity, I now find myself coming back to the main principle of intention that Rêve instructors preach. I focus on how my body is moving; should I open up my chest more as I start to get tired on my run? Was the reason I didn't get more distance on my last hit because I didn't fully extend my swing?

Rêve, through intention, has taught me how to break down my form and focus on the movements that will make me more physically powerful while, in seamless conjunction, making me a stronger mental athlete.

It also helps that the music great!