Rêve-ing up our community!

We love bringing the Rêve experience to more members of our amazing community whenever we can, which is exactly what Pat and Stephanie did recently when they taught classes for the Riverton Boys & Girls Club and the Windham Girls Group. Each group got to request songs, so with a playlist that included "Call Me Maybe", Pat took members of his class, some of whom hadn't seen anything quite as "crazy" as a stationary bike before, from set-up to clapping and dancing along to the music on the bike in no time!


Meanwhile, Stephanie rocked out with girls from Windham High School to Lady Gaga and Beyoncé. After 30 minutes of cycling and 20 minutes of abs and yoga, she also got to speak with the group about starting her business and some of the challenges she faced while chasing her dream. Trusting yourself and never giving up -- either on or off the bike -- was a big theme for the day. Talk about girl power!

Girls group spin class 2

If you know of a group that would benefit from a ride at the studio, don't hesitate to let us know! Email us anytime at info@revecyclingstudio.com