Cross-training with Rêve: A Conversation with Meg C.

As the temperatures get warmer, it seems like there is a road race nearly every weekend in and around the Portland area, from 5Ks to marathons. For a number of our riders, joining us at the studio is a major component of their cross-training efforts as they get ready to lace up their sneakers in pursuit of a finisher's medal. We wanted to know a little bit more about how Rêve classes might compliment a race training plan, so we caught up with instructor, Meg C. who is training for her 4th Shipyard Old Port Half Marathon this coming July! We asked her some questions about her motivation for signing up for the race, how Rêve fits into her preparation, and some tips she has to keep focused on the end goal of 13.1.  She even shares some of the songs that have been getting her going in a very special Spotify list!


Rêve: What made you sign up for the Old Port Half? How did you pick this race specifically?

Meg C: The Shipyard Old Port Half Marathon has a very special place in my heart. Four years ago I was facing a time of uncertainty in my life and had the feelings of fight or flight. I had no idea how to even go about training for a half marathon, but I knew that I needed some time to myself and I also wanted to feel a sense of accomplishment that would come with finishing the race. I found a training program on the internet and was on my way! One mantra I use a lot in my class is, "Don't think, just do" ... and well I did. Completing that race four years ago sparked a love for this city, where I now live and go to school full-time at USM. In a roundabout way, it has led me to be a part of Rêve, and all of the positivity I have gained from this community and my time as an instructor. This year feels even more special because I get to train in the city that started this incredible journey for me!

R: How do you integrate Rêve as a part of your training? How do they impact your overall readiness--for both training and the race?

MC: Cross-training with Rêve has helped me to be able to power through the 13.1 miles. I've seen an amazing difference in my endurance as a result of the combination of the sprints and hills I take down on my bike; I am able to tackle any hill (or plateau for that matter) because of Rêve! Rêve can be more than just a place to go and get your training in, the power of strength and community has been all the motivation I needed on days when I didn't feel like cross-training. The words of wisdom and encouragement also carried over to my runs when I feel that I can't go any further-the power of Rêve is truly amazing!

R: What are some of your favorite training run routes?

MC: This is my first year training for the race in the wonderful city of Portland, and all my favorite training routes are new! I work my runs in each week around my classes. My long runs build from 4 to 10 miles over the course of my training, and I always do them after my Sunday morning class. I love running anywhere near the ocean because in Vermont, we certainly do not have that. Right now my favorite maintenance run is from Rêve, down Ocean Ave, through Edward Parson Park, which then dumps me out onto the Boulevard and I take that all the way back to Rêve. (*If anyone has running route ideas, I am always in need!)

R: Is there anything that has surprised you about training for a half marathon? 

Ahh yes. Training for a half marathon is ALL mental. There is an aspect of physical condition that you need to be in, but for the most part it is a mind game. There are so many different obstacles and challenges that come with running and through the runs you learn how to deal with them as they arise, and, instead, look at them as chances to improve yourself. Many of my riders will know that I refer to this as, perspective. Running has never been something that I was ever good at, and I still don't think I am which is what I love about it. Running not only pushes me mentally and physically, but it also keeps me humble, passionate, and grateful. I have found that the challenge of being a little bit uncomfortable; every run is a chance to grow. My mom once told me,"one foot in front of the other." and, man, was she right!

R: Lastly, we asked Meg what songs have been getting her going as she's training, and she compiled this killer playlist. You can follow along on the Rêve Spotify page to help get you going!

Well, we sure feel inspired! Check the schedule for Meg's classes, and come join her as she prepares for her next race!