Rockstar Moms who Rêve!

IMG_4322 Some of our most consistent Rêvers are also mothers to some of the cutest kids around, many of whom work full-time outside the home, as well. Their energy and commitment to their workouts despite their incredibly busy schedules inspire us daily, so we asked some of these incredible women how they seemingly do it all! Thank you Lindsey Pfeiffenberger (mom to Jackson, 4), Angela Hainer (mom to Max, 3 ½, Emme, 15 months, and soon-to-be #3 in December!), Colby Green (mom to Colton, 4 ½), Mika Reynolds (mom to Kip, 6 and Maggie, 3), and Lynn Harder (mom to Reese, 7, Ryan, 5, and Jordan, 2 ½), for telling us how they make all the magic happen.

1. How long have you been riding at Rêve, and why did you first decide to try indoor cycling at the studio? MR: I have been riding at Rêve for two years. I was looking for a high-energy, challenging work out to get me through the winter months. Little did I know I would get hooked year-round. Now I ride as often as I can for the escape, the music, the feeling of being an athlete, the community and the clarity I leave with.

LH: I started riding at Rêve over two years ago (August 2013). I didn't feel like my body was really mine anymore -- I had 3 babies in 4.5 years and my shape/body was not a priority through those first months after Jordan was born. I wanted to build strength back, but at a comfortable pace since I was still nursing and waking up through the night. I had tried some other things over the summer, but it was too hard on my body and I wasn't enjoying it. I saw Rêve on Groupon and decided to give it a try. Since I started Rêve, I haven't looked back or gone anywhere else!

AJ: I first started at Rêve just after becoming pregnant with my second child, which was October of 2013. Prior to spinning (and kids) I was very active in boot camp classes, running, and biking, but I was having a hard time finding the time to fit this into my schedule with a young child at home. Not to mention, my doctor didn't want me falling off a road bike while pregnant! As a nurse practitioner, I know the importance, both mentally and physically of continuing to exercise and eat well. It was important to me to find a good option. I was referred to Rêve by a friend of mine, and after going to my first class, it was the combination of the energy, music, non-intimidating environment, killer workout, and ability to set your own limit that kept me coming back.

LP: I have been consistently riding at Rêve since February of this year. I used to be a runner and loved every minute of it! After having my son in 2011, I had a lot of hip and back pain whenever I ran. I was looking for something that gave me that "runners high" and a great workout. I first tried indoor cycling in the fall of 2013 and instantly fell in love! Finding the community at Rêve and the variety of classes offered has made working out fun and I get a full body workout each and every time I come in!

CG: I tried my first class in August of 2013. A friend had been wanting to try a spin class and asked me to join her.

2. How do you manage getting out the door to the studio when there are so many other demands on your time?

LH: I have to make it a priority and I have to commit to the 6 a.m. classes, which is the only time that works for me -- kids are still sleeping and my husband is home, and I work during the day, so I take that hour for myself. When I am at Rêve, I don't have to answer to kids or students or anyone else and that makes me feel more balanced and patient. It really is a sanctuary and it allows me to check-in with me...thanks in part to the words of encouragement from Carolyn. She reminds you to make yourself a priority and how that will be better for all aspects of my day. However, things can get crazy -- kids get sick, work piles up, or I get really run down and during those times, I let myself relax and rest. Forcing myself to go isn't helpful for me, so I take every day as it comes and I don't beat myself up if I have to skip a day. Most mornings I want to go, so I will go to bed early or do whatever I can to get there knowing that for one hour, I don't have to do anything for anyone except myself (which feels really good...and rare!).

LP: We have a detailed calendar on our refrigerator and each week we go over what we have going on. I plug in cycling wherever I can around our work and travel schedules along with Jackson's activities. Wherever you see yellow on our calendar means that I have spin that day!

AG: I set aside my me time each week, and write it in my planner. I have a supportive husband who understands that spinning is how I choose to balance my life and get my alone time! He makes himself available for me on the weekends so that I can spin. If I have the day off during the week, I add a third day. Ideally, it would be more, but I take what I can get. Anymore than that at this point would take up too much of my time. It's a fine balance between devoting yourself to your husband, children, career, friends, and yourself. It's nice to combine friends and working out in the same hour, so I try to meet friends at the studio whenever possible!!

MR: I have learned that I am an infinitely better mother and family member when I carve out a little time for myself each day. Usually, this means getting up at 5 a.m. and sneaking out of the house before anyone else is awake.

CG: I try to go to the 6 a.m. classes whenever I can so I am out of the house before anyone is awake and needing anything. If I can’t get to an early morning class I try to go directly from work.

3. Why is Rêve a priority for you, despite your busy schedule? MR: Being a mom is one of my biggest inspirations during class. I get up in the dark and drive into Portland because nothing feels better than walking back into the house in the morning after a 6 a.m. class. I am energetic, clear-headed, present and ready to take on the day.

CG: Most days my time at Rêve is the only time I get for myself. It helps me mentally to have an hour each day just to tune everything else out and get in a good workout.

LP: Working out has always been a priority. I find that I am a much happier person and am more calm and organized from it. I want to show my son that taking time for yourself and focusing on being healthy are both very important. My husband can tell when I haven't had my cycling fix and will ask me how we can fit it in if the week has gotten away from us. I love the reminders in class to "be present". Rêve is often my only me time for the day so getting the to do list out of my head is important!

LH: Rêve is the one place where I can challenge myself, I can build strength and sweat, and I can feel like I'm taking care of me. It's so easy to forget about your own mental and physical health when others depend heavily on you. Rêve allows me to realize the importance of this time and the benefits that comes from seeing friends, working out, and feeling stronger. Rêve also creates a very comforting environment where we all support each other and that has been far more important that I thought it would be. Seeing friendly faces and connecting with people at the studio has been a significant outlet for me. And during my time on the bike, I am reminded that I am important, too...something I tend to forget and ignore when crazy at home. My time at Rêve allows me to re-center and breathe.

AJ: Again, as a nurse practitioner in orthopedics, I know all to well the importance of exercise on not just your body but your mind. The 50 minutes of non-weight bearing exercise is much better than running on your joints, and the calories you burn is phenomenal! I'm not the best runner, but I do it and it's torture for me personally every step of the way! I love to go to Rêve, burn calories, clear my mind, listen to the music, and enjoy every stroke of the pedal. It's my favorite physical activity by far. It's challenging, enjoyable, and completely manageable for every fitness level!

4. What do your kids think of all the Rêve-ing? Do they get involved in any way?

LH: For my kids, when we're in the car, Reese and Ryan constantly ask "is this a spinning song?" or they will even make suggestions on what should be a spinning song. They love the idea of finding the beat of the music and they mimic pedaling a bike with their arms!

AJ: Emme is too young to even realize that I'm gone (she's usually napping anyway), but Max likes to hear about the music and more importantly if I saw any of his friends’ moms there, like Colton’s mom Colby, or Jackson's mom Lindsey! He's more interested in what the bikes and shoes look like, but he always asks me if I had fun! Of course I say, “Yes, Max!”

CG: Colton doesn’t understand the concept of riding a bike and not getting anywhere! He is always supportive of me going to class and will ask me if I had a good “ride”!

MR: Rêve is the mysterious place I disappear to, but when I come home, we frequently re-enjoy the same tunes all over again. My kids love nothing more than a family dance party and Uptown Funk and the entirety of 1989 were major 2015 favorites.

LP: My son loves to play spin! He often asks if I am going spinning and has made up his own routines based on what I have told him we do in class. He loves music - especially Andy Grammer and Taylor Swift right now! He is at the age where he sings along so seeing him pretend to teach spin while singing songs is the best!