Run, Savannah, Run!

This October, Savannah will be trading in her spin shoes for running shoes for her very first marathon. Not only will she be tackling 26.2 miles, but she has also committed to raising funds for the Ronald McDonald House. This Saturday, April 1st, at 9:30, she will be leading a very special ride to help reach her fundraising goal! When you sign up for class, you will not be charged for your bike, but please bring a donation of $15 in cash or check (payable to RMHC) when you come to class on Saturday morning. As she prepares to kick off her training, we asked Savannah what inspired her to sign up for the race, how she anticipates that Rêve will help her prepare for the big day, and why she chose to raise funds for the Ronald McDonald House.


A full marathon! What inspired you to sign up for 26.2?

Running a marathon has always been on my bucket list. Living in Boston, with my school located at mile 21 of the Boston Marathon course, Marathon Monday felt like a holiday. The entire city shuts down, and there is an incredible outpouring of support. You watch total strangers complete the run of their lives and everyone--every runner and spectator--feels like family. There is this inexplicable feeling of inspiration and strength on that day. As I often say in class, there are no numbers on our spin dials for a reason; we chase a feeling. I am not necessarily chasing a number or a specific time, but rather that feeling and a finishing medal!

You've decided to run the iconic Chicago Marathon, how did you choose that particular race? 

After living in Boston and watching the race, I always thought Boston would be my first (and possibly only) marathon. I didn't think any other could compare - until I found Chicago. When one of my friends from college asked me to run it with him, I couldn't say no! Since signing up, I have heard countless good things about the course (mainly that it's flat!) and that the journey you take through the city is a special one. All of the neighborhoods come out and celebrate, much like Boston.

In the next few months your training will ramp up. What are your training plans as you prepare to take on this crazy challenge?

My first step was to build my cardiovascular fitness. This winter, I have taken on some new challenges, such as taking extra classes each week and, of course, leading the Cycle90 strength squad each Sunday afternoon. I am just starting to get back into running after taking a brief hiatus this winter. I am bringing my weekly mileage up, but it will be a grueling summer of training ahead. As I build my training base, I will crosstrain with Rêve classes scattered in the mix!

As you tackle this incredible task, you will raise for the Ronald McDonald House Charities. Tell us a little bit about what the organization does and how you chose it!

Ronald McDonald House Charities strive to keep families with sick children together when they need strength the most. As family is such a great part of my life and their goals align so closely with mine, RMHC felt like a natural fit. I am incredibly excited to be fundraising and running for their organization!

Bikes are going fast for Saturday's charity ride, be sure to sign up today to reserve your spot! If you are unable to make the ride, but would like to support Savannah, you can donate via her fundraising page. Go Savannah, go!