Running It Up: Andrew White Tells Us How Rêve Helped Him Run His Fastest 15K Ever!

Meet Andrew White, a Rêver who just ran his best 15K ever after he began training at the studio to recover from a broken foot last fall. He beat his previous time by nearly ten minutes, and credits his workouts at Rêve for his improved results. Read on to learn more about Andrew’s workouts, his race, and why his rides at Rêve keep him coming back for more! awhite_boilermaker

1. When did you first start riding at Rêve and what kept you coming back? I started riding at Rêve in fall 2014. I was recovering from a broken foot and needed a way rebuild strength until I could start running again. I'm not a biker but I took to the routine like a duck to water. It's a combination of the atmosphere, the music, the instructors, and the joy I found pushing myself physically while surrounded by energy and music.

2. Tell us about the race! Which one was it, and why did you decide to do it? The race is the Boilermaker 15k in Utica NY: It's a huge event (nearly 14k runners this year) and it takes place in my hometown. My husband I and I try to race it every year - it's an amazing experience and helps us stay connected with family. Plus, unlimited free beer at the end of the race.

3. What was your training schedule like and how did Rêve factor into it?

For the better part for the fall/winter/early spring, Rêve was my training schedule. Along with pilates (shout out to the Pilates Center of Maine), riding at Rêve helped keep me road ready. When I started running again, I could tell immediately that my time at Rêve had made a huge difference. My first day back on the road, I felt like I was flying - such an amazing feeling.

Rêve is still part of the training schedule. My next race is the Maine Half Marathon in October.

4. How did race day go? Any highlights you'd like to share?

Race day was so much fun. I ran solo this year as my husband is working for Outward Bound this summer. It was hot and humid the morning of the race and there is a significant hill at about mile 3 - I expected to finish around my usual time of just under 2 hours. I knew I finished a few minutes earlier than I expected, but was floored when I compared my chip time to my last result in 2013: 9 minutes and 47 seconds faster. That is all Rêve.