Introducing Sarah Willhoite!

Starting this week, you will see a fresh face leading the 5:30 class on Thursdays. Meet Sarah Willhoite! The most recent member of the Rêve family can't wait share her love of a good workout and a smile with the Rêve community. We caught up with her to talk to her about what inspired her to become an instructor, her love for a certain music industry power couple, and what we might expect from her classes! screen-shot-2016-12-05-at-9-03-24-am

I ride at Rêve because…

Exercise has always been an outlet for me. It makes me feel better both physically and mentally so I have consistently made it a priority in my day to day routine for as long as I can remember. But Reve has brought a whole new meaning to the word exercise. The instructors, desk staff, and of course, the riders, make this place so much more than a place to work out. It is a community. Full of energy and positivity and health and strength. It makes you want to work hard and allows you to have fun while doing it. I could not be more thrilled to be a part of such an invigorating community, both as a rider and an instructor.

Teaching’s a big job! What are you most excited for? 

I am most excited to see the riders' smiles at the end of a class that reflect their sense of accomplishment. Best part, it pairs perfectly with a red face and a sweat stained shirt!

My favorite moment in class is when… 

You hear a song you love so much that your legs find the beat before your brain even has a chance to tell them to.

The most challenging part about becoming an instructor has been…

Learning to speak and spin at the same time!

Some songs you’ll definitely find on my first few playlists will be… 

Anything by Beyoncé or Jay-Z, both their solo songs and collaborations. In fact, I might love their music more than they love each other.

When I’m not at the studio, you can find me…

Skiing at Sugarloaf, boating on Casco Bay, hanging with family and friends, or relaxing at home in the West End.

Anything else you'd like the Rêve community to know about you?

I am always looking for song requests and want to know what is inspiring you! Please let me know what you want to hear! I also love it when a class is vocally enthusiastic because I think it brings the riders together, and energy levels up a notch as a result. So, hooting and hollering is encouraged in my class!

This Thursday, Sarah will be leading a free Community Ride at 5:30! Be sure to sign up, bikes are going quickly!