Signing up for Rêve!

A few weeks ago, our sign up system at Rêve got an overhaul! Some things you may have noticed: the sign up site is now embedded within the Rêve website, now you are able to select your preferred bike when you sign up,  and you'll get a confirmation email both when you reserve a spot and an hour before your class. However, we understand change can be a little bit confusing, so below, we offer some tips to make sure that the system works best for you! Reve_April2016_14

Where can I sign up?

In order to have the best experience with the new system, we recommend downloading the Rêve App or signing up through the Scheduling page on the Rêve website. Both of these options will allow you to choose your preferred bike when you sign up. You are still able to reserve a space in class using the MindBody site or app; however, they do not have the capacity for bike selection.

How do I pick a bike?

When you sign up for a class, you will be prompted to select a bike. Initially, you will be automatically assigned a bike; however, you can switch out based on your preference. Your bike will be colored the signature Rêve aqua. Occupied bikes will be light grey, and available bikes will be white. To switch, simply select a white option, and you are all set to ride.

Can I pre-set my preferences?

Yes, you can set your preferred bike! From your Dashboard, click  on "Account" under "My Classes." On the left side toolbar, find the "Spot Preference" and choose your favorite. This way, when you sign up for a class, the system will automatically assign you to that bike if it is open.

Spot pref

What if I want to sign up a guest for a class?

If you have a multi-class pack, you may use one of your classes to sign up a guest. You will simply sign up, and when prompted, select "Guest"--from there, the site will prompt the final steps to secure your pal's place in class. However, if you have an unlimited pass, you will have to set up an alternative account for your friend. Once you set that up, you can purchase a class and get them enrolled!

 What happens when I get to the studio?

Now that your bike is all set and waiting for you, we ask that you do not hurry into the studio. Please let the previous class file out before entering. This will help the transition between classes operate more smoothly!

We appreciate your patience throughout this transition! As always, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to email us at Rêve it up!