2016 (So Far): Rêve Instructor Favorites

Even though your thermometer may not agree, Spring is officially here! If you're anything like us, one perk of the change in the season is driving around with the windows down, perhaps singing a little too loudly. To help us curate the perfect playlist, we asked the members of the Rêve Team to tell us which songs they're loving so far in 2016 and why. See the songs that are getting them moving--in the studio and beyond--in the playlist below. Don't forget to follow "rêvecyclingstudio" on Spotify to get access to some of our instructors' favorite playlists and much more musical content!


Old Guitar, BUNT
"The song starts out a little slower and then fires you up with some awesome banjo work!  It just makes me want to get up and dance!" -Brian
Dirty Laundry, Don Henley
"Whether you are stomping a foot or air pounding a fist, this song brings energy to my joints and laundry to my machine!" -Chris
Bad Company, Five Finger Death Match
"I found this song randomly on Pandora, but I think it has a great beat for climbs." -Erika
Here (Lucian Remix), Alessia Cara
"I love the spunk in her voice with that bass; I can just keep adding resistance!" -Kyle
The Sound, The 1975
"Because of that beat, because it led to me to this awesome band, and because I can't get THE SOUND out of my head. It's too good." -Savannah
Brand New, Ben Rector
"The beat + the lyrics make me smile almost instantaneously, not to mention take the song's advice to "close my eyes and don't even care if anyone sees me dancing.'" -Skyler
Beat of my Drum, POWERS
"As soon as I hear it, I instantly want to bust a move wherever I am!" -Stephanie