Tales of Healthy Living!

One of the best parts of the community we work to build at Rêve, is hanging out after class and striking up conversations with fellow Rêve cyclists. We had the pleasure of talking with Amanda in the studio. While we had her attention, we asked her a couple of questions. Check out Amanda's insight on indoor cycling at Rêve and how she lost 16 inches and 20 lbs since she began spinning in March! amandablog4We would love to hear why you spin and what differences, if any, it makes in your day?

I started spinning in March, because I was looking for a low-impact, high intensity, cardio workout. I had been running, but injuries side-lined me for a long period of time. Also, life and work can be stressful at times, and I need something I can turn to, to channel that energy.

What made you initially decide to come try out spinning at Rêve?

I began going to Rêve because I had heard positive feedback from several people, including a couple of instructors that I knew from other facilities that had begun teaching at Rêve. The proximity to my home, free parking, and variety of class times, was also a factor. With my work schedule, I often decide when I will be going to class a few hours before it starts... having that flexibility is great!

What do you find most unique about Rêve?

When I walked into Rêve for the first time, I immediately liked the atmosphere. It is very relaxing, which is a nice counter balance to the fact that you are about to engage in a high-intensity workout. I have liked every instructor that I've tried, and everyone is so friendly and knowledgeable about the bikes, positioning, etc. The bikes that are used at Rêve are different than what I have been accustomed to, and I discovered that I like them much better. It's almost a different workout, and I'm able to work my core a lot more. The mirrors on the 3 walls allow people to evaluate and adjust their form. One of the best parts about Rêve is Raglan, the sweet Golden Doodle, who greets everyone at the door. You can't really beat that!

What keeps you motivated to work out, despite the fact time is precious and we could all use 25hrs in a day?

After trying indoor cycling for the first time, I was hooked!  I needed to get in shape for a trip and a wedding, and I found the way to do it. I began going to classes 4 or 5 times per week. I was getting a workout that I never got from running. I also incorporated dietary changes, such as cutting out refined sugar, and eating more fruits, veggies, and lean proteins. In 4 months, I lost 16 inches and 20 lbs! It was a lot of work, but I am happier and am definitely leaner than in any other part of my adult life!