Catching Up with Tiffany

For nearly two years, Tiffany Heater has been the glue that keeps Rêve together. From her kind smile at the desk to her streamlining of all of our systems, it’s difficult to remember how we existed before she became the backbone of the Rêve Team. Tiffany began attending classes at Rêve long before she started working at the studio, and she credits her time on the bike with helping her carve out some critical time for herself after the birth of her first child, Elliott. As you’ve probably noticed by now, Tiffany is pregnant with her second child, due in the beginning of June. We caught up with her to chat about what she loves most about her time at the studio, recommendations she has for expecting moms as they continue to challenge themselves with Rêve classes, and what is her favorite soundtrack around the studio.


You're having a baby! When are you due? How excited is Elliott to become the cutest big brother in town? 

I am due on June 4th! As for Elliott, he is as excited as an almost four year old can be. To be completely honest I think he’s more excited for his Dinosaur themed birthday party in July than he is about becoming a big brother, but in all fairness T-Rex shaped piñatas ARE pretty exciting!

Anyone who comes to the studio has seen you crushing classes recently. What has the experience been like to spin throughout your pregnancy?

My experience spinning while pregnant is always changing because my body is always changing, but it has always been positive.

What advice might you give a Rêver who is pregnant and may be a bit cautious about the intensity of a Rêve workout?

First, my biggest piece of advice is to listen to your body and make sure you are well hydrated. Prior to attending your first class, I would recommend consulting your doctor to ensure that you’re body is up to the task, and letting your instructors know prior to class.  For me, knowing I had spun while pregnant with Elliott, I knew movement would feel good to me this time around. However, I would caution against trying any new workouts while pregnant. 

Are there any modifications that you make to your workout that you might suggest?

I haven’t had to make many modifications while I’ve been pregnant—aside from recently having to move my handlebars further away to make room for my growing belly. Perhaps more surprisingly is that my resistance levels have gotten more substantial as I have gotten farther along; I have had to add more resistance as I’ve grown to support my added weight. The biggest modification is that I work out less often- now 3-4 days a week as opposed to 5-6 day pre-pregnancy. All in all, I listen to my body carefully, both on and off the bike in order to identify what is best for me. Also, make sure that you have your favorite snack waiting for you. For me, I can’t get enough peanut butter—preferably with some mini M&Ms sprinkled on it.

Finally, you always have the best jams playing as we walk into the studio. What are some of your favorites these days?

My favorites stay pretty consistent. I like to keep a steady line up of Miley Cyrus, Ellie Goulding, and Jess Glynne in constant rotation.

Bernadette Doykos