Catching Up With the Trek Across Maine's Team Rêve

From June 16th-18th, hundreds of cyclists from across the country will gather for the Trek Across Maine to sponsor the American Lung Association. Spearheaded by instructor Chris Davis, Rêve has a team of nearly 30 riders who will complete the 180 miles and, together, have committed to raising over $15,000 for the cause. The event is open to all levels of riders. And, it's not too late to sign up! In case you're still wondering if it would be right for you, we caught up with some of the Team Rêve riders: Jeremy Martin, David Witherill, Callan Killroy, and Hobson Bradford. They shared what inspired them to join Team Rêve, what their past experiences with the race have been like, and what advice they may give to someone who is considering participating.


What made you sign up for the Trek Across Maine?

Callan Killroy (CK): Because Chris & Co made it seem so fun!  I was excited to see what it felt like to cross the great state of Maine on a bike!

David Witherill (DW): I have ridden the Trek six previous times.  It is a great incentive to stay (or get!) in shape.  The camaraderie of a team ride is what it is all about. Plus, the fundraising for American Lung Association is something that is easy for a bike rider to support.

Hobson Bradford (HB): I signed up for my first Trek 3 years ago because several friends were involved and raved about what a good time it was. I was also looking for an event or race to motivate me to train and stay in shape during the winter.

Jeremy Martin (JM): A good friend, Jeff Davis (brother of team leader, Chris Davis), has been riding the Trek for many years. He knew I loved to ride, but also knew that I had never participated in a long ride before. After a couple years of trying to convince me to join his team, I rode in the 2015 Trek. By the end of the weekend, there was no doubt that I would be riding every year from then on!

What keeps your motivated as you train for the event?

CK: Rêve! I didn't train very much for my trek last year. In addition to making me feel more prepared for the race, I have gotten so much stronger because of my weekly spin classes!

DW: For Christmas, my wife gave me a 10 pass to Rêve and that has really helped. In the past, I've relied on skiing to help build my fitness foundation, but we didn’t have much of that this year. The good news is, I got to do my first training ride in shorts!

HB: Motivation in the winter months can be tough, but I surround myself with people who keep me active by skiing, hiking, and running. If I see my friends staying active it motivates me to "keep up." I have found it makes a huge difference when you work out consistently.

JM: Knowing that the Trek is on the horizon helps motivate me to do everything I can to have my body and equipment ready to train. It feels so good to take that first ride outside! There's a reason 'like riding a bike' is such an over-used cliché...

If someone was on the fence about signing up for the Trek Across Maine, what might you say to convince them?

CK: The feeling you get when you look around and see SO MANY different types of people biking across the entire state is amazing! You are all in it for an amazing cause; the amount of money the Trek raises is staggering. Plus, the event is SO much fun - the daily mileage usually takes about 4 hours each day to complete--and once you arrive at your destination, it is one big party. From swimming in the river in Farmington (the stopover for Night 1) to hanging in the pub at Colby, it's a great time!

DW: The Trek Across Maine is a blast!  The food is amazing at each rest stop, and gatherings with your team isn’t to be missed. Plenty of people complete the Trek who are not in tip top shape. There is nothing like the feeling of cruising along with 2000 other bikers!

HB: I'd say that if someone's a bit apprehensive about joining the Trek, the whole event made a lot easier by being part of a team of friends. It is always an awesome adventure for 3 days, and only a small part is the bike ride. In addition to your team, there are so many awesome people that you meet along the journey.

JM: It's next to impossible to have a bad time on the ride. The volunteer support makes all the logistics a breeze. And we only ride for about 4 hours in the morning and have the rest of the day to relax, play, swim, eat, hang out with friends and meet new folks. Plus, I wouldn't say this about many things, but the Trek Across Maine was a life changing experience. It has made me healthier in mind and body. That it supports such a great cause in the American Lung Association makes it even more fulfilling to ride across that finish line with hundreds of people cheering you on.

Finally, we asked each of our riders (and Chris!), which songs keep them going throughout their training. Check out the Spotify list of some of their favorite jams!