Tri-ing For A Cure: Andrea and Liz Talk Training, Friendship, Rêve & More!

IMG_3283 Meet Andrea Ernst and Elizabeth Lupien – two incredible riders, marathoners, and friends who have been 6 a.m. regulars at Rêve for two years. They’re also two of many Rêvers who are competing in this weekend’s Tri For A Cure, so we caught up with them about their training schedule, how Rêve fits into it, and the race itself. Best of luck to them both and to every rider participating this weekend! If these two are any indication, the race is going to full of determined, strong, supportive, and energetic women!

1. Why are you participating in this year’s Tri for a Cure?

Andrea: I have always wanted to do a triathlon. I love to run and bike so it has always intrigued me. Last year I was part of a relay team and completed the swim leg for the Tri for a Cure. I was so moved by the energy and spirit of the event that I vowed, during the opening ceremonies, to do the whole thing some year. I have been honored to raise money for The Maine Cancer Foundation and have truly enjoyed the training with other friends. Can’t wait for Sunday!

Elizabeth: This started out as a new fitness experience for me. I wanted to try something different after I completed a marathon in the fall and a triathlon seemed like a nice challenge with the benefit of some lower impact exercise. This particular triathlon is a great entry-level distance, a convenient location for me, and I had friends doing it, so I signed up. However, the cause has become increasingly important while I have been training as I have seen too many friends and family members struggle with cancer and the impact it has on their lives. I am honored to be helping the Maine Cancer Foundation and their efforts.

2. How do you two know each other and why are you training together?

Elizabeth: Andrea and I met at a mom's group right after our oldest children were born in 2010. At first it was all play dates and mom's night outs and I honestly don't remember when we first started running together. In the summer of 2013 we started going to Rêve regularly and running together more frequently when we weren't at Rêve. Then suddenly she had me talked into marathon training with her! You definitely develop a deep friendship on those long runs. I love training with her! It is such a motivator to get your workout in while talking with a great friend.

Andrea: Elizabeth and I met when our oldest children were just weeks old. We were part of a mothering circle and then began having play dates with our children and “mom” get togethers. A year and a half ago we decided to train for a marathon together. It was an awesome experience all around! Since then we have been working out regularly together. We meet each other at the 6 a.m. Rêve classes throughout the year and we run and bike together whenever we get the chance! It is so great to have a close friend to train with and to meet you on a cold winter’s morning for a run!

3. Have you found riding at Rêve to be helpful for your training, and if so, how?

Elizabeth: Rêve is incredibly helpful for training! I used to run exclusively and would have thought anything else would take away from my running ability, but I was wrong. Workouts at Rêve have made me a stronger, faster runner. Our marathon training plan last year included 4 days of running, 2 days of Rêve, and a day off, and we both exceeded our goals in the race. As for triathlon training, Rêve classes definitely improved my biking ability. I don't know if I would have been confident enough to sign up for a triathlon if I had not been regularly coming to Rêve. I think Rêve classes will enhance any type of training (and they are so fun!!).

Andrea: Most certainly! Rêve has played a special role in my training regimen because of their supportive, energizing and professional approach. Rêve has provided a unique training environment that I love and that has been very important to me. I have been riding at Rêve for two years. I hadn’t been on my road bike in several years and when I got back on it a few months ago to begin training for the Tri for a Cure, I had such a strong base from all the spinning. It all came back so quickly and I could tackle the hills with no problem! Spinning is such an excellent whole-body workout that benefits any kind of training program.

4. What’s been one of the most challenging parts of your training regimen? One of the most rewarding? Andrea: The most challenging aspect of training is fitting it into my busy schedule. My husband has been truly supportive of my goals and training. Between my two kids, work and everything else in between, it is hard to fit in a workout some days. Oftentimes I train very early in the morning before anyone in my household is awake! The most rewarding part of training hard for an event is getting to event day and truly being able to enjoy it and have fun because you know you’ve worked so hard to get there! It is energizing and inspirational and it positively impacts all aspects of my life.

Elizabeth: The most challenging part of training is finding the time to fit it all in. We both have two kids now and have to balance our training with our family life, work, child care, etc. It takes a lot of support from our husbands to make it work in our schedules and we are incredibly thankful for their support. The most rewarding part of training for me is always successful completion in a race. I love the feeling of accomplishing a goal that you have set out; especially one that did not seem possible to me previously.

5. Got any other races on the horizon this summer?

Andrea: After the tri, I am running the Beach 2 Beacon, another great Maine race. After that, we’ll see… I am sure I will find something fun!

Elizabeth: I'm signed up for the Beach 2 Beacon. After that, I will probably do some fun fall races in the area, but I don't have my next big race picked out. Any suggestions?