Tuning in to Tone & Trim with Erin: What all the Buzz is About!

Perhaps you’ve recently witnessed a crowd of sweaty, smiling, proud faces exiting the Tone & Trim room and wondered, “What the heck is going on in there?!” Or, maybe you recently signed up for Tone & Trim without realizing it WASN’T a cycling class and became nervous at the prospect of working out without the bike but tried it anyway and became hooked. And, most likely, you’ve overheard people talking about what an incredible instructor Erin is and how you NEED to take her class. In three short months, Tone & Trim has become an incredibly popular class at the studio, so we caught up with Erin and a few dedicated members of the class about the class and why everyone – yes you! – should try it out. FullSizeRender-1

Erin Fills Us In…

1. How is teaching T&T at Rêve going so far? We know you're a seasoned instructor, has anything happened that you weren't expecting? 

 Quite simply, it's been incredible. In three short months, I've watched bodies transform. I knew that the Rêve squad was a fiercely strong group, but I had no idea how quickly I would see such progress. Much to the surprise of a few Rêvers over the holidays, T&T is not a spin class! It's a cardio barre strength class where we tone and trim for 50-minutes in the yoga studio!

2. We know we're all about the music at the studio and anyone who's taken your class knows how important good tunes are to help us work through the burn! Tell us about how you select and order songs for playlists, if you don't mind! 

Tunes for T&T have to be motivating and driven by a strong beat. The first few songs are a little bit faster paced as we warm-up with cardio HIIT style intervals. While there's very little choreography involved in my class, we focus on one exercise/muscle group during each song and use the beat of the music to control our movements (think small, precise, and isometric). While it's definitely a strength-based class, we do stretch in between sets and at the end of class. To be honest, I choose music that I love listening to when I'm exercising…songs that makes you smile and want to sing along are the best!

3. What's your message to someone who may want to try T&T but is intimidated by it? 

My motto for T&T is work to at your own level and build in your own breaks. On any given day, our bodies might feel super strong or maybe we're still tired from yesterday's spin class. I encourage and motivate each of my students to push themselves without feeling tortured. Classes are designed to be different each time so that we progress, change and evolve over time. I promise you'll never be bored and you'll leave feeling stronger, more flexible and ready to tackle the next day!

Regulars Kim Setzer, Megan Tazzi, Jennifer Jackson, and Jenn Senecal Give Us the Scoop…

1. Why did you first try T&T and how is it going so far?

Kim Setzer: I often get stuck in a cycle of doing cardio workouts only and know my body needs some weight training and toning. In the past when I did force myself to do a bit of weight training, it was always a ½ attempt and not very productive. I decided to give T&T a try to see if that would help me to get on and stay on track as well as provide a full body workout and 5 minutes into my first class, I was hooked!

Jennifer Jackson: Core is the one area I typically avoid like the plague, but! I am always up for a challenge, and boy I got one. In the middle of the first class my friend Megan and I looked at each other and tried to find an escape route, but we were stuck in the middle of the room! We struggled through, fell in love with the pain, and have been going every week since!

Jenn Sennecal: I first started T&T because I was looking for some variety in my workout and something to increase my flexibility but never felt as though I was a great candidate for yoga. Erin encouraged me to try out her class explaining how it would help with my flexibility but would also help me tone and strengthen. After one class, I knew I was in it for the long haul. I was hooked.

Megan Tazzi: I first tried the class because I enjoy the other various classes Rêve has to offer besides strictly cycling. Also there was overall curiosity for the class and how it would challenge me physically. Lastly, fellow Rêvers were curious about the class and I am always willing to help other Rêvers.

2. We know class is tough, but does Erin do anything in particular that helps you power through?

JS: Erin makes sure that she knows the name of each person who walks through the door and greets them with a smile. Throughout class she recognizes good form and provides encouragement when it could be better. Lastly, as with other Rêve classes, the music selection is the reason I am able to do that one last pushup when my muscles are telling me that I can't.

MT: Erin is a wonderful instructor and encourages you to push forward throughout class. She teaches that a sense of failure does not mean you should give up, but is an opportunity to learn what does work for you.

JJ: She gives great direction with a sense of enthusiasm - always maintaining that bright smile! She also reminds me that it's okay to work until failure as long as I get back into it as soon as I can.

KS: She is constantly changing it up and for me a new challenge always helps me power through. I do also love that when she knows things are getting REALLY tough for us she gets this sort of desperation in her voice and says something like "comeeee onnnn eight more," (really drawn out) and I feel that mimics the desperation I am feeling and for whatever reason makes me smile and push through.

3. Have you noticed any changes in the way you feel when you take cycling classes or do other workouts since beginning to take T&T?

JS: I have definitely noticed change. When I first started cycling, my legs would be my main focus, screaming at me to make through each song. After taking T&T, my legs have become stronger and are less of a distraction allowing me to focus more on my form and rhythm during spin class.

JJ: I can feel my core getting stronger, which helps with my form and doing jumps on the bike. I can also notice a difference in the mirror with my upper body as well as toning in my core – I call this class "there will be abs". ☺

MT: Within a short amount of time I noticed an overall increase in my physical strength and endurance. I feel I can sprint faster, stand up taller in position two and hold hips back in position three for longer. I also don’t need to put my weights down as often in tone class.

KS: Yes, I am definitely stronger than I was prior to T&T and feel more power and strength when climbing and sprinting during cycling.

4. What would you say to someone who may want to try T&T but may be intimidated? MT: Don’t be! The sense of the Rêve community is also in the Tone & Trim class. We all walk through the studio doors for different reasons, but we are all on the same boat where we support and encourage each other.

JS: That we all laugh at ourselves a little when powering through thigh dancing. But really, from day one Erin makes sure that you feel comfortable from the start of class. She makes it known that we all are working at our own pace and that each one of us has own strengths and weaknesses. But foremost, once you recognize your ability to do that extra push-up on your feet, as opposed to your knees, it's empowering!

KS: Give it a shot, you will not be disappointed! There is nothing to be intimidated about because Erin has a modification for almost every exercise and that allows you to go at your own pace.

JJ: It is a tough class but the results are awesome. Everyone struggles to hold the positions so you don't feel silly when you have to break and start over. Bring a friend to commiserate with if need be, but I guarantee you will be hooked by how strong you feel afterward!

5. What part of class "hurts so good" the most?

JJ: Those darn hand on the wall - ball between the knees - heels off the floor squats and pulses! Feel those calves burn baby, burn! Plank sequences are also pretty killer.

KS: As much as I hate to admit it, the plank roulette "hurts so good" the most and a close second is thigh dancing.

JS: Plank roulette is the definition of hurting so good. When I first started taking T&T I thought I was in 'ok' shape but quickly realized what "working to failure" felt like. After that first class I made a goal for myself to become strong enough where I could make it through a full song with taking a break. I'm still not quite there yet ☺.

MT: Oh boy, where do I start. I feel each part of the class “hurts so good” because the class challenges you to push yourself physically where you might not if you were doing these exercises solo. For example, I would never do push ups on my own.

6. Anything else you'd like us to know about your T&T experience?

KS: It is awesome and such a great addition to anyone's workout regimen.

MT: I feel the Tone and Trim class has been a wonderful addition to the Reve schedule. The class goes by fast and I have a sense of accomplishment when class is over.

JJ: I really like CoreCycle, Tone & Cycle, and especially now Tone & Trim, because they allow me to come to Rêve week after week and get a variety of exercise versus just straight spin classes. It is important to work the entire body and I feel that T&T has been an amazing addition to the Rêve schedule- I even found myself going to the Saturday and Monday T&T classes last week! It is making me stronger and pushing my comfort zone physically. I now find myself nudging the male Rêvers to join us ladies (Right Kyle???) because I have yet to see one guy walk through those doors! We were all curious once, come on in and join us. ☺

JS: The positive energy that Erin provides during T & T is unrivaled. She truly wants her students to become stronger and more confident in their abilities. I think the class provides great variety to the whole Rêve experience and encourage everyone to give a try!