Wake Up and Live!

Okay, so, the days are slowly but surely getting longer, but that fact doesn't seem to help when your alarm goes off at 5:20 for your 6 a.m. Rêve class and it's still pitch black outside (not to mention freezing. Polar Vortex, anyone?). But if you've been to an early bird class at Rêve, you know how great it feels to start your morning with a sweat sesh, and how much those endorphins make a difference throughout the rest of your day. Instructors Carolyn and Amy share their tips for how to conquer those morning wake ups so that you can ride your way to a better day.

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1. Preparation starts the night before! Don't wait until you wake up to sign up for that class, commit to it before you go to bed so you know you're already signed up when that alarm goes off. And, lay out your clothes right next to your bed (in the order you plan to put them on -- coat, hat and gloves included) so that they're ready to go (we know a few riders who even sleep in their workout gear to get going!).

2. Make a date with a friend to go. That way, you're on the hook not only for you, but also for him/her. P.S. A great way to find a like-minded friend is to introduce yourself to your neighbor in class. Rêve's community is welcoming and encouraging; we promise we won't think it's weird!

3. Tweet about your seat! Once you've booked a bike, let others know you have on Facebook or Twitter (and tag Rêve -- we'll send encouragement right back!). That way, you can look forward to reporting back once it's over.

4. Reward yourself. When you're tempted to snooze through that alarm, it helps to think about what's waiting for you at the end of your ride. A killer egg scramble? A latte from your favorite barista? Whatever it is, plan on indulging post-class for some extra pre-class motivation.

5. Once you've ridden through class, take a moment while you're still on the bike and the sweat's still dripping to reflect on how GREAT you feel. On chilly, dark mornings, channel the memory of that one-of-a-kind feeling of release and accomplishment to swing your legs onto the floor, into your sneakers and out the door.

Plus, when you make morning excercise a routine, you boost your energy level, your mood, and your metabolism. So what are you waiting for? Come try a 6 am class!