With Gratitude

Dear Rêve, My mother, the queen of thank you note writing, once gave my brother and me the task of writing one without using the phrase “thank you” (Cue the 13 and 11 year old kiddo groans!). It resulted in one of the best notes I had ever written though, so I’m going to try to do that today since you deserve nothing but the best.

I walked in your doors for the same reasons many riders do — seeking change, community, and one sweaty workout. I discovered those things, but also found some of the best friends of my life, as well as a crazy, huge, exciting passion for teaching — fueled by the relationships we’ve built together — that centered me, gave me purpose, and made Maine home.

These relationships and the countless hours I’ve spent rocking out in that dark studio with the most amazing people have changed my life forever. Rêve has shown me that following my heart and trusting myself is not only okay, it’s the only way to proceed in this one life of ours.

One Rêver wrote in a note to me last week that “being scared is what it’s all about. And you taught me that... Be fearless, be strong, and everything else falls into place around you.” Don’t forget that feeling things, even and especially scary ones, is a good thing, Rêve. Then get out there and do the damn thing!

Love, Carolyn