What does “Rêve” mean?

The beauty of Rêve is that the name has multiple connotations. In French, Rêve means to dream. Rêve also sounds like “rev” which means acceleration. Rev is the prefix for revolutions which can be equated to the number of revolutions in a bike cycle. At Rêve we use all the meanings to create an environment that will motivate and inspire you.

What differentiates Rêve from Spinning® classes offered at gyms?

Rêve is a dedicated indoor cycling and yoga studio. We believe in creating a quality experience time after time. Our studio offers easy online registration and lots of parking. Not to mention the space has great acoustics, fabulous music and great atmospheric lighting. We can’t wait for you to come and enjoy a ride!

What should I bring to my first class?

Please bring a water bottle. We provide towels. Sneakers and SPD clips are both options to use on our Schwinn AC Sport bikes. We recommend wearing spandex and try to avoid wearing loose clothing that can get in the way of the ride.

Does Rêve have a space to change/shower?

Our space has two large bathrooms available for changing and two showers!

Should I bring my own water bottle?

Yes. We provide filtered tap water to refill your water bottle.

Do I need to reserve a bike or can I just walk in?

Walk-ins are always welcome. Although you do not need to make an online reservation, we highly recommend you do! We only have 39 bikes and with our reservation system online we make it easy and efficient to plan your next workout. We honor all reservations first then the class is open for walk-ins.

Do you have an app that I can download and use to book classes?

Yes! Our Rêve Cycling app is available on iTunes. You can view class schedules, purchase class packages, and book classes.

Is there a Wait List?

Yes. If the class is full when you register online, you can be added to the wait list. If an opening in the class occurs you will be immediately emailed. You must cancel if you are offered a spot off the wait list and you do not plan to attend, or you will be charged. The wait list feature closes 2 hours before class begins, if you have not received an email by then, you are not booked into the class…..BUT you are still on the wait list should you choose to show up and take your chances on no-shows. When the class begins, empty bikes are given first to the people still on the wait list, that are present, and then walk-ins.

What is Rêve’s cancellation policy?

The beauty of Rêve is that you can sign up 7 days in advance for a class. However, we know life can be crazy so we offer a cancellation policy up to 12 hours before your class. If you don’t cancel 12 hours before the class you registered for begins you will be charged for that class. Our monthly unlimited passes will be charged a $10 late cancel/no show fee. If pass holders miss a class without cancelling within the regular cancellation time frame (12 hours before class), they'll now be charged a $10 fee everytime. Everyone will be allowed 1 grace cancel a month, please email us at info@revecyclingstudio.com.

Do I need bike shoes?

 No, all of our bikes have sneaker cages in addition to SPD cleats for your bike shoes.

Can I share my ride card? How to sign up a guest?

Yes. Feel free to share your ride card but only with your family members but please email us at info@revecyclingstudio.com so we can link your ride card to your family member’s account.

We require all riders to have their own account. To sign up a guest please have your guest create an account and then if you want to pay for them email us at info@revecyclingstudio.com the class (day/time) they’d like to attend.

Is there parking at the Rêve studio?

Free parking is available behind the studio in our parking lot. Coyle Street and Forest Ave also offer 1-2 hour parking spots.

What is Rêve’s snow policy?

We never like to close our doors but we know Maine can get some bad weather. Please start checking our website and Facebook page the night before for notifications. The morning of the class we will have the status of the studio displayed on the website.

Gift Cards: how to give the gift of Rêve?

Gift cards can be purchased at the studio for a physical card or they can be purchased in the online store for an e-card.

Who took the photograph’s of the studio?

We were lucky enough to work with two separate photographers to photograph the space: Emma Sampson and Cara Slifka. They both did a tremendous job and were very fun to work with.

Can I work at Rêve Cycling Studio?

Fabulous! Please contact info@revecyclingstudio.com for more information about joining our team.

Questions or comments?

We always appreciate your feedback — it allows our studio to be the best it can be! You can write to us anytime at wehearyoureve@revecyclingstudio.comwith your questions and comments. We love to know what’s on your mind.

How do I set up my bike?