The classes generate great endurance and cardio while focusing on the correct posture on the bike. With our help, you will reach a new peak fitness level.

Rêve’s dynamic cycling classes have a powerhouse combination: motivating teachers, great music and dim lighting, all designed to get your heartbeat racing.

Classic Cycle

Our Classic Cycle class is 50 minutes of cycling to inspirational music. This class combines lots of hills and out of the saddle movement.

Tone & Cycle

Our Tone & Cycle class is also a fabulous 50 minutes of cycling but we add in the addition of arm weights. This class is the perfect all body workout. Not only will you leave with great endurance but you will also work on sculpting the upper body.

Rêve Rhythm



Throughout the 50-minute Rêve Rhythm class, our instructors will make you dance all over your bike with a mix of hills, sprints, tap backs, arm work, and weight work. Set to an incredible soundtrack, these classes will provide an intense full body workout, pushing you to and through new limits. 


Our CoreCycle class is 40 minutes on the bike followed by 10 minutes of core work. Come challenge your mind and body. We have some mats to rent for $1 but if you have your own, we suggest you bring it.

Cycle 90

Our Cycle 90 offers a unique challenge for both the mind and body. The goal is to build your endurance, pushing you to and through your edges. Throughout the 90-minute ride, you can expect a dynamic mix of hill climbs, sprints, and so much more all set to an amazing soundtrack. It is the perfect way to make a fresh transition into a new week.

Circuit & Cycle 

Our Circuit & Cycle class is the best of all worlds because it combines cycling, body weight training, and core work into one 60-minute workout. It consists of 30 minutes of circuit training followed by 30 minutes of spin. This class packs a punch and is the definition of a full-body workout. Please bring sneakers and a yoga mat, in addition to your spin shoes. 

Rêve Revolve

Revolve (verb): (1.) To treat as the most important point or element; (2.) to move in a circular orbit around.

At Rêve, our most essential element is our community, both in the form of the amazing people who come through our doors each day and our place in the broader Portland community. Therefore, each month we will have one class where our Rêve community comes together to support an organization or effort located in our Maine community. Together, our revolutions will help spark a revolution. 

Endurance Ride

Our Endurance Ride is 75 minutes on the bike. This class is geared towards cyclists who enjoy training in the off season. This class will primarily take place in the Fall and Winter months.

Community Ride

Community rides are taught by our newest instructors. These complimentary classes are opportunities for riders to meet new members of the Rêve team and try out their teaching styles. Come cheer on new instructors as they lead the Rêve pack for the first time!